10 Action Movies From The 2000s That Deserve A Remake


The 2000s were a truly transformative time for many movie genres, especially action movies. Action movies still pop up in abundance these days, but the 2000s saw the release of the original The fast and the furious– which launched a franchise that still works to this day – and Ang Lee’s epic wuxia Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. These movies started the decade off with a bang.

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Unfortunately, not all action blockbusters of the early 21st century lived up to these successes. Yet with a fresh coat of paint and the right people involved, those who fell through the cracks or were critically criticized could become tomorrow’s defining action hits.

ten A new version of Paycheck could give the original a run for its money

2003 Paycheck centers on a reverse engineer (Ben Affleck) who is paid by companies to uncover the secrets of other companies’ products, after which his memories of each job are erased. After erasing his memories while reverse engineering a secret government apparatus, the engineer suddenly finds himself on the run and must figure out what happened along the way.

Unfortunately, Paycheck didn’t make the most of the story’s possibilities to create something as tense and exciting as it could have been. In the hands of someone better versed in action and sci-fi concepts, like Alex Garland, a remake could give the original a run for its money.

Suffice it to say, this 2002 action thriller is considered one of the worst films ever made. Ballistics: Ecks vs. SeverThe plot of – which sees two secret agents team up to take on a common enemy – looks fun enough and leaves plenty of room for action and humor, but the execution was sorely lacking. Luckily, there’s no shortage of great action directors working today who could improve the plot and the action scenes, and getting the right pair of actors to play Ecks and Sever would be the icing on the cake. .

8 A Bulletproof Monk remake could fire on all cylinders

bulletproof monk sees an unnamed monk (Chow Yun-fat) being entrusted with a powerful scroll. Finding himself pursued by a Nazi colonel who seeks to use this power for evil purposes, the monk finds and trains a young pickpocket (Seann William Scott) to help him fight this menace.

bulletproof monk definitely has its moments thanks to the chemistry between Yun-fat and Scott, though they can’t salvage a cliched, predictable overall story. What a remake would need is a director who can juggle incredible fight choreography and a cast who can both fight and deliver sarcastic comedy to really fire on all cylinders.

seven Hollywood Homicide would be a great action satire

Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford teamed up for 2003’s Hollywood homicide, with the two playing a young detective and his veteran partner in the Hollywood Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The duo are assigned a case involving the murders of a rap group as they both try to balance their side jobs. What sounds like an intriguing and fun premise, unfortunately, results in a spotty, dated, and mostly unfunny movie.

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It wouldn’t hurt to give him another chance, though. A remake of Hollywood homicide which takes a clever, satirical look at behind-the-scenes Hollywood while having inventive action scenes would definitely be a hit.

6 Another ride for reindeer games would be worth it

2000s reindeer games tries to be a darkly funny and curvy hug in the mold of reservoir dogs Where Pulp Fiction, but it lacks the wit, fleshed-out characters, and clever plot of those movies to really make an impression. But that’s not to say that nothing good can come out of that premise. Putting a screenwriter and director like Shane Black–who excels at writing funny, subversive action movies around Christmas–on a remake of reindeer games could make it a holiday action classic.

5 Hancock has unexplored potential as a superhero movie

Will Smith first dipped his toes into the superhero genre with 2008’s Hancock. This film sees the actor playing a hated alcoholic crime fighter who is hated by the public for his attitude and for leaving mass destruction wherever he goes, forcing him to work with a public relations specialist (Jason Bateman) to reform its image. The first half of the movie handles that idea pretty well, but a huge plot twist midway through changes the direction of the movie entirely, and not in the best way.

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In the years since Hancocksuperhero media like The boys have skillfully used the genre to comment on the toxic nature of celebrity culture. A Hancock remake that’s also dedicated to exploring the psychological layers of fame that come with being a superhero could be a hit with audiences.

4 Jumper could be a new kind of sci-fi experience

Film adaptation by Doug Liman of Steven Gould’s novel Jumper isn’t a very good movie, but an adaptation that more closely follows the book could be much more successful on its own, which the movie largely bypasses.

Another book from Gould Jumper series, Impulse, got an adaptation that tackled important themes like sexual assault while delving deeper into its main character’s powers. A new take on Jumper which mixes elements of Impulse could be both a coming-of-age story centered on overcoming trauma and a sci-fi thriller.

3 Van Helsing has a monstrous load of potential

Since the failure of 2017 The Mummy, Universal ditched its plans for a shared dark universe for its classic monsters and instead focused solely on single-player movies. A film starring famous monster hunter Abraham Van Helsing has been discussed.

The last film starring the character dates back to 2004 Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman. This movie was mostly unsuccessful, though it had a lot of fun taking on classic monsters like Mr. Hyde and Dracula. A new Van Helsing the film might improve on the flaws of the 2004 film, but should have a sense of fun with its action and horror elements simultaneously.

2 Catwoman Could Redeem Herself By Starring Newest Selina Kyle

2004 catwoman was a low point for the superhero genre, to the point that it somehow convinced movie executives not to take chances on movies featuring female superheroes for several years. Of course, that line of thinking has come to an end, and it’s time for a solo catwoman movie gets another big screen hit. With all due respect to Halle Berry, a newer Catwoman is set to star instead.

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Zoe Kravitz stole the show as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Batman, and there have been talks of a spin-off for the character. A catwoman solo film with Kravitz could serve as an adaptation of Catwoman: When in Rome and follow Selina in search of the rest of the Falcone crime family. If it draws inspiration from classic heist movies and has a lighter, noir-based tone, it could be another big hit for DC.

1 It’s not over for Alien vs Predator

The Predator the franchise recently got the boost it needed with the excellent prequel Prey, opening up so many new possibilities for the series in the future should it choose to do so. On the other side of things, the Extraterrestrial the franchise has been dormant since 2017 Alien: Pact. Maybe a new cross with the Predator franchise could reinvigorate the series.

Of them Alien vs Predator the films were released in 2004 and 2007, although neither was warmly received by audiences. The idea of ​​making a new Alien vs Predator film would be intimidating, but if the team behind Prey were involved, so he might have a fighting chance, especially if he draws more inspiration from the iconic Alien vs Predator comics that inspired the movies.

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