10 Best Halloween Songs From The Disney Channel Original Movies & TV Shows


Halloween is almost here, and it’s time to get those spooky playlists in order. The Disney Channel is known for its themed episodes and movies. For example, the first original movie made exclusively by and shown on the channel was a Halloween movie, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody“Ghost In Suite 613” serves as an annual meme.

Many of these scary and delicious episodes and movies feature original songs performed by the cast. Some are better than others and deserve to be included in every Halloween playlist.


Don’t Look Down – Austin & Ally

Performed by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano

During one of the best Disney Channel Halloween episodes of all time, Austin & Ally write and perform this song at a costume party. Austin is supposed to play with Taylor Swift, but when she gets injured, Ally impersonates her. Despite her stage fright, Ally performs “Don’t Look Down” with her friend.

Ross and Laura make an excellent singing duo. This song is amazing, and the harmonies are beautiful. In this context, “Don’t Look Down” is a Halloween song, but really, it’s just a song about courage and conquering fears. “Don’t Look Down” is a track Disney fans can listen to any time of the year, but because of the episode it debuted in, it will always have a spot on playlists. Disney Halloween.

Halloween Party at Home – Special Halloween Party at Home

Performed by Chandler Kinney

In 2020, Disney released a 22-minute sketch comedy made specifically for Halloween and adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Chandler Kinney’s song is awesome. It opens with a spooky Halloween tune, and an impressive brass instrument can be heard throughout the song. This rap song has a fun beat that encourages dancing, which can be seen in the video. Several Disney Channel stars offer their moves to the music video, filmed virtually at each performer’s home and sliced ​​to create the illusion of more than one person in a room at once.

My Kind Of Monster – Under Wraps 2

Performed by the cast of Under Wraps 2

In envelope 2 only came out this year, but it’s already one of the channel’s best original Halloween movies. It’s the sequel to a remake of a 1997 Disney Channel Original movie. This movie sees the gang reform when a resentful new mom wakes up and targets Harold.

“My Kind Of Monster” is a fun mix of cool lyrics, auto-tune and a lively beat. The song is about friendship and doesn’t judge a book by its cover, a common but relevant theme in children’s media. “My Kind Of Monster” can be played any time of the year, but contextually it’s perfect for the Halloween season.

Let’s Get Tricky – Shake It Up

Performed by Bella Thorne and Roshon Fegan

The dancers on shake it dress up in cool costumes and dance to this song, performed by two of the show’s protagonists.

“Let’s Get Tricky” is aptly titled, as many aspects of this song are trippy. It’s definitely a bop to dance to, but in the right environment, it can get your heart pumping. “Let’s Get Tricky” is chilling, largely because of the sound effects and one-note chorus. The musical pause with just the sound of footsteps is particularly clever and manages to stir the fear of listeners.

A Good Scare – Phineas & Ferb

Performed by Vincent Martella

In this Halloween episode, Isabella has a bad case of hiccups. Phineas takes her to a haunted house he and Ferb built and sings this song.

Phineas and Ferb is considered one of Disney Channel’s best original series, and it’s known for its silly but incredible musical numbers that feature in nearly every episode. “One Good Scare” is just one of the series’ many hits. It’s a super catchy track that’s sure to get anyone rocking their hips. While the song is about curing Isabella’s hiccups, it’s clearly made for the Halloween season, and it’s a must-have song to add to the October playlist.

Fearless – Girl Vs. Monster

Performed by Olivia Holt

When Skylar’s fear monster escapes from captivity, she learns that she’s the daughter of monster hunters while simultaneously being introduced to all the fears she’s ever had.

“Fearless” is another song that can be played any time of the year, although the chorus’ “I’m back from the dead” phrase seems more appropriate in the context of this season. The song itself is very funny. It’s easy to dance to and it empowers listeners to be brave and conquer their fears. Girl vs. Freak is a great movie, and the inclusion of this song in the climax works in its favor.

Ways To Be Wicked – Descendants 2

Performed by the cast of Descendants 2

Descendants 2 is the sequel to the first film starring Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson and several others. “Ways To Be Wicked” is introduced at the very beginning of the film as part of Mal’s daydream where the naughty children, the best to appear in a Disney Channel movie, enchant the entire kingdom.

Although not exclusively made for Halloween, several songs from the descent The franchise can be classified as such. “Ways To Be Wicked” is a prime example. It incorporates several references to fairy tales, naughtiness and fun, which are often associated with Halloween. Not to mention, the beat is killer, the harmonies are great, and everything about this song begs for a dance.

I Got My Cry – ANT Farm

Portrayed by China Anne McClain

In the three of AnthillIn the Halloween episodes, an alternate universe is explored where, instead of child geniuses, monsters are allowed to study like everyone else.

China kills with every song it sings Anthill, and this one is no exception. The lyrics scream “spooky season” and the melody is awfully perfect for dancing to. Unlike other Halloween-themed songs, this one knows what it’s trying to be and makes no apologies for it. It’s a Halloween song, and there’s no doubt about it.

Keep Your Head On Halloween – Descendants: Wicked Woods

Performed by the Cast of Descendants

Descendants: Wicked Woods is a stop-motion Halloween special. It’s Halloween in Auradon, and the naughty kids find themselves in the spooky woods, careful not to disturb the mythical Headless Horseman.

“Keep Your Head On Halloween” is a fun song with great references to the season and the horror genre. Dove Cameron leads the song with her incredible voice. The tritones and unsettling echoes at the start are perfect for the holidays and not something heard in other Disney Channel songs. Between the effects, the clever lyrics, and the originality, it’s clear they cared about making a great Halloween song. They did, and it’s one of the best.

Calling All Monsters – ANT Farm

Portrayed by China Anne McClain

AnthillThe Halloween episodes of are iconic and considered Disney Channel’s peak content. In their first Halloween episode, the Chinese character sings this song to save the dance.

“Calling All The Monsters” is arguably the best Disney Channel holiday-themed song of all time. It was such a hit that, since its debut, Disney has made a high-production music video, released a celebratory video a decade after the song’s premiere, and named its seasonal lineup after the iconic hit. The song itself is amazing. It makes everyone want to get their feet kicking and gets everyone in the Halloween spirit every time they play.

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