10 best iconic Christmas movies, according to Reddit


Everyone has their own traditions for the winter holidays, from laying candy canes or popcorn on the tree to developing a hot chocolate recipe. Many people consider the Hallmark Christmas movies a crucial part of their festive celebration, and it’s impossible not to watch at least a few new and familiar favorites every holiday season.

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Reddit users shared their most beloved Hallmark holiday movies, from a story involving twins changing places to a few movies that aim to make audiences laugh while putting themselves in a good mood.

ten Sweetest Christmas (2017)

Kylie cooks and talks to Nick in The Sweetest Christmas

While there are bad Hallmark movie scripts, Sweetest Christmas is endearing. Kylie wants to win the American Gingerbread Contest and she’s hoping the magical vibes of this time of year can help her.

Reddit user sunnydays_91 said they liked the “Anything Lacey Chabert” stars, including this one. This movie will definitely put people in a good mood and probably make viewers want to bake cookies or decorate a gingerbread house.

9 A Very Happy Mix (2013)

Alice and Mat look at each other at the airport terminal in A Very Merry Mix-Up

Sometimes a light Christmas movie sounds good and if it has a sense of humor, even better. For Reddit user KimberlyAH, “My all-time favorite is A very happy mix. “

The film has a funny plot as Alice believes she is at her fiance’s house for the holidays, but learns that they are complete strangers instead. While A very happy mix doesn’t have any exciting twists and turns on the Christmas movie plot, it’s still a fun watch.


8 The Promise of the Mistletoe (2016)

Elise and Nick smile for a selfie in The Mistletoe Promise

Chloerocks Reddit user love The promise of mistletoe because “the phenomenal cast, cute plot, and great resolution easily make this the best branded movie of all time.”

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While many of Hallmark’s main characters adore the cheerful vibes of the holiday season, sometimes they need a little help and nudging. In this movie, Nick and Elise aren’t big fans of Christmas and they team up to get out of it, but naturally fall in love with each other.

seven The Christmas Ornament (2013)

Nick and Elise look at the tree in The Christmas Ornament

Reddit user FJ2K wrote: “My all time favorite is Christmas ornament. Branded films share common tropes and this one features a woman struggling to enjoy the holiday season after her husband dies.

Of course, Kathy and Tim fall in love and Kathy realizes that she doesn’t need to be alone and that she can rediscover the magic of Christmas. This movie has the perfectly cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie script that fans are looking for.

6 Christmas List (2016)

Alicia Witt as Isobel in the Christmas list

Christmas list is a favorite for Reddit user Lilacly_Adily because “it’s a beautiful daydream to think about renting a cottage in a Christmas town and doing Christmas activities”.

Isobel has a list of things she wants to do with her boyfriend this Christmas and she also finds a perfect cabin for them to live there. His plan is ruined but, of course, in true Hallmark movie style, things work even better. than she thought.

5 The most wonderful time of the year (2008)

Ralph, Brian, Jennifer and Morgan in the most wonderful time of the year

While some Christmas movie tropes are confusing, the idea of ​​someone inviting a stranger to Christmas dinner is sweet and charming.

Reddit user mrsredfast love The most wonderful time of the year because “makes us both laugh out loud every time.” Gags everywhere. Really entertaining. In the movie, Ralph goes to spend Christmas with his niece Jennifer, and he asks a stranger named Morgan to join him. Angoradebs Reddit user love it too, writing, “It’s the only one I make sure I watch every year.”

4 Christmas Next Door (2017)

Reddit user Goulet231 shared that they had watched the Hallmark Christmas movies “for the past two years” and wrote that when it comes to their favorite, “I have to say Christmas next door. “

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Author Eric bonds with April, who lives nearby, to help make Christmas a special time for his nephew and niece, whom he takes care of. The sparks fly and he learns to appreciate Christmas more. While just as predictable as the other Hallmark movies, this one is truly heartwarming.

3 Wreath for Christmas (2015)

Many people like to watch Christmas movies with royal history, be it movies like The Princess Switch 3 or more Hallmark offerings.

A Redditor mentioned that they loved the movie with “Danica McKellar as American Housekeeper for the Prince’s Daughter”. There is something particularly magical about seeing characters in this type of world.

2 Switched for Christmas (2017)

Candace Cameron Bure has appeared in many Hallmark Christmas films, and Reddit user kbms63 noted Switched for Christmas“as a favorite.

Chris and Kate are identical twins but they don’t really get along. They make sure to have lunch during the winter break, but that’s about all their relationship is going. This year they are swapping places and, of course, learning more about themselves and each other, which strengthens their bond.

1 Christmas Under the Envelopes (2014)

Candace Cameron Bure also starred in this movie as a doctor named Lauren who moves to Alaska so that she can gain more experience and hopefully be more successful in her career.

Reddit user soymiercoles suggested “Christmas under the envelopeslike a Hallmark Christmas movie to check out. While it shares the predictable plot of other films on the chain, as viewers can tell Lauren will find something she isn’t even looking for, it certainly is. that people want to see on Christmas.

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