10 Best Movies Like Dog Day Afternoon


dog afternoon is a classic film that served as a model for its modern spiritual successors. It’s easy to see how much contemporary filmmakers like the Safdie brothers have been influenced by dog afternoon and its chaotic but well-meaning main character, Sonny Wortzik.

One could say that a film as acclaimed as dog afternoon could be classified in a separate category. For those who would be in favor of this argument and who are big fans of the story, there are a number of movies from the past and present that come highly recommended.


ten And Justice for All (1979)

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Al Pacino in And justice for all

A legal drama And justice for all and dog afternoon the two share ultra-talented star Al Pacino as well as the theme of law and order in America. Both films examine the criminal justice system of the United States. However, Pacino plays two different characters from two different sides of the law in the two films.

And justice for all has Pacino play a lawyer who faces a crisis of conscience when he must defend a guilty judge. Pacino’s character feels torn between his need to bring justice to the innocent and punish the guilty. Yet the diaper is forced to defend not only a client he believes to be guilty, but with whom he has also had issues with in the past.

9 Heat (1995)

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Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in Heat

dog afternoon and Heat are two films that focus on a bank robbery. On the other hand however, Heat look more at the theft on the side of the law than dog afternoon Is. In Heat, a criminal mastermind plans one last heist before retiring. Meanwhile, an LAPD lieutenant attempts to track down the criminal mastermind.

Both men try to ruin each other’s plans but still manage to respect each other. Al Pacino plays the LAPD Lt. and gives a memorable performance, especially in a standout scene that Pacino fans love to quote.

8 Network (1976)

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In Network, a presenter, Howard Beale, approaching his enforced retirement fumes on national television, which becomes a huge boost for the network. Hearing of the popularity of Beale’s delusions, an opportunistic television producer exploits Beale for the network’s own profit.

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Both films feature a man who refuses to give up on his own beliefs and actions. As the main character of dog afternoonHoward Beale does not compromise his actions, however lopsided, for anyone.

7 The Godfather (1972)

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Al Pacino in The Godfather

Al Pacino and crime are the two common threads of the seminal gangster film The Godfather and the gravel Dog day afternoon. Based on Mario Puzo book of the same nameThe Godfather delves into the Corleone crime family and the youngest son’s reluctance to immerse himself in the violence of the family business.

Often considered one of the best films of all time, The Godfather was nominated for a staggering eleven Oscars and spawned two sequels. The third film, however, needs no mention, given its reputation as the worst Godfather film.

6 Straight Time (1978)

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Dustin Hoffman walking at night in an image from Straight Time.

A movie that could arguably be a 70s time capsule movie, straight time stars Dustin Hoffman in an anti-hero role, similar to the anti-hero role played by Al Pacino in Dog day afternoon. straight time follows career criminal Max and his release from prison.

On the outside, Max struggles to cope with his idiot parole officer and the pressure to stay on the right side of the law. In a complex performance, Hoffman gives diapers to the ex-con trying to get straight.

5 Bonnie and Clyde (1967)

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The bank robbery is the unifying factor between the 1967 classic Bonnie and Clyde and dog afternoon. Both films revolve around crime and bank robbery with love as the underlying motive. Also, a bit like dog afternoon, Bonnie and Clyde is loosely based on real people and their actions.

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In Bonnie and Clydea bored small-town girl becomes involved with ex-con Clyde as they embark on a crime spree filled with violence and robbery across Depression-era America.

4 Good Time (2017)

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Fast-paced and suspenseful, the hidden gem of this Safdie Brothers thriller is Dog day afternoon the frenetic energy of its protagonist.

Good time The plot revolves around a troubled Connie and her desperate search through the underbelly of New York to break her brother out of jail for a botched bank robbery. The main character of the two films is tumultuous but has good intentions to help the one he loves, be it his lover as is the case in dog day Afternoon or their brother as in Good time.

3 Midnight Cowboy (1969)

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Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voigt in Midnight Cowboy

A classic from the 60s, midnight cowboy follows a country hayseed who forges a friendship with an outcast hustler by coming to New York to seek out a wealthy woman to fund him. midnight cowboy and dog afternoon sharing that the characters in both films are outcasts who have found themselves.

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In midnight cowboy the characters of Ratso Rizzo and Joe Buck form their own alliance and bond, a contrast to the harsh and inhospitable conditions the two endured in the concrete jungle of New York.

2 Taxi Driver (1976)

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Travis Bickel in his cab in Taxi Driver.

One of Martin Scorsese’s best films, Taxi driver is about insomniac loner Travis Bickle who becomes increasingly detached from reality and sees himself as the protector of a teenage prostitute while working as a taxi driver in New York City. Taxi driver leaves audiences in a dark and troubled spirit through the character of Travis, which may come with the risk of alienating your viewers.

However, with Scorsese’s directorial flair and De Niro’s dark charisma, the film was a mainstay among moviegoers. This movie and dog afternoon share a gritty and cynical tone. Likewise, both movies show New York City in all of its filthy, bawdy glory that the city was known for in the ’70s.

1 Serpico (1973)

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Both Serpico and dog afternoon feature Al Pacino in the lead role and both films are directed by the accomplished Sidney Lumet. The story of an idealistic cop who exposes police corruption in New York, Serpico shows his fellow officers turning on him in this first-class crime drama.

The film remains one of Pacino’s best, revealing his ability to put on a powerful performance. Two years later, he will play in an even more demanding tour de force in dog afternoon.

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