10 Best Movies Like HBO Max’s Kimi


Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh returns with his latest project Kimi which is available now on HBO Max. The sleek tech thriller stars Zoe Kravitz as an agoraphobic young woman who works for a tech company and becomes a target when she finds evidence of a crime.

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The film tells its captivating story in a fast-paced manner, bringing in interesting elements of the modern world. However, it’s also clear that Soderbergh and screenwriter David Koepp are also drawing inspiration from other thrillers and tech movies that Kimi fans should check out next.

ten Locked Up (2021)

Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor in Locked Down

One of the most interesting elements of Kimi It is thus one of the first major films to directly address the COVID-19 pandemic. While not in a fancy way, the film simply makes it part of the story that the characters deal with, including lots of video calls and face masks.

One of the first movies to tackle the actual pandemic was Locked. Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor star as a couple whose relationship breaks down during lockdown until they decide to pull off a heist together.

9 Eagle Eye (2008)

One of the film’s themes is the idea that technology makes it nearly impossible to remain anonymous in the modern world. He approaches this idea as having both positive and negative results because someone always seems to be listening.

The Thriller Sharp eye also discusses these ideas. It stars Shia LaBeouf as a man who receives a mysterious phone call that sends him on a crazy adventure. the film explores the idea that technology is used to track and control just about everything in the world.


8 The Woman in the Window (2021)

review of the woman in the window

Kravitz wears a lot Kimi with her excellent performance as Angela Childs. She is someone who deals with her own issues and past traumas that cut her off from the rest of the world. Yet she is still strong and resilient when pushed to the limit.

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The character’s arc is very similar to that of the main character in The woman at the window. Amy Adams also plays an agoraphobic woman who thinks she’s witnessed the murder of a neighbor across the street. Like Angela, this woman is forced to face her fears to arrest those responsible.

seven The Net (1995)

Sandra Bullock watches a computer on the Net

The titular Kimi in the film refers to a voice-activated virtual assistant. This type of technology is becoming more common in today’s society and more often plays a role in movies. Kimi cleverly uses technology to make it a very modern thriller.

Another movie that made the latest technological leaps of the day to tell a thrilling story was The Internet. Sandra Bullock stars as a computer analyst involved in a murder plot. When the Internet was just beginning to become popular, The Internet will be quite dated for many audiences, but still a fun capsular film.

6 Michael Clayton (2007)

Tom Wilkinson as Arthur watches George Clooney as Michael in Michael Clayton

Some of the most disturbing aspects of Kimi are the ways he portrays corporate criminals. Instead of just being ruthless killers, the gruesome crimes are carried out with a calm, collected, and practiced efficiency.

It’s very reminiscent of the underrated thriller Michael Clayton with George Clooney. He plays a corporate repairman who becomes the target of a massive cover-up. One of the gripping film’s standout moments sees a pair of corporate killers commit murder in a chilling, factual manner that closely resembles scenes from Kimi.

5 Panic Room (2002)

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in Panic Room

Kimi is yet another thriller that makes good use of limited space. Although some moments take place outdoors, they are largely confined to Angela’s apartment, including the film’s intense and violent climax.

Writer David Koepp has practiced a lot in telling such a story, as he also wrote David Fincher’s excellent thriller. panic room. Jodie Foster and Kirsten Stewart play a mother and daughter who lock themselves in a small panic room when thieves break into their home.

4 Enemy of the State (1998)

Angela is targeted by very dangerous people when it is revealed that she has been tipped off about a corporate murder in progress. She is forced to flee with the villains using technology against her to track her every move.

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It’s a similar story explored in Tony Scott enemy of the state. Will Smith stars as a family man who unwittingly receives evidence of a high-profile murder and becomes the target of a secret group of agents.

3 Rear window (1954)

As Alfred Hitchcock is known as the master of suspense, it’s no surprise that many modern thrillers still attempt to emulate his work. Kimi is just the latest of those films that pay homage to Hitchcock, drawing striking similarities to one of his best films.

rear window stars Jimmy Stewart as a man whose broken leg forces him to stay in his apartment. With only his binoculars to entertain him, he begins to spy on his neighbors to witness what he thinks is a murder.

2 The Talk (1974)

Although there are many films about people witnessing crimes and becoming the targets of killers, Kimi makes an interesting twist as Angela overhears the alleged murder in progress. This is a similar idea found in Francis Ford Coppola The conversation.

The film is a more reserved take on the typical spy thriller with Gene Hackman playing a surveillance expert who overhears a potential crime being discussed. Little by little, he is drawn into a paranoid world where he thinks he is constantly being listened to.

1 Blow (1981)

Kimi really begins with the gripping sequence in which Angela overhears the crime. As a technician in charge of Kimi devices, she listens to various customer situations only to hear something disturbing in one of the streams.

Brian De Palma is another director known for creating thrillers and To extinguish is one of the best examples of his skills. John Travolta plays a movie sound technician who accidentally records evidence of a murder.

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