10 best shows and movies to watch like Bee and Puppycat


Warning: this list contains spoilers for Bee and Puppycat Lazy in Space!The Brilliantly Animated bee and puppy is memorable for its unique characters, unremarkable but fantastical setting, and its blend of humor with more dramatic and heartwarming moments.

While no other show is exactly like bee and puppy, there are TV shows and movies that bear similarities to some of the show’s best qualities. These other TV shows and movies range from western animation to anime to live action, and a number of them can appeal to both adults and children, which bee and puppy also done.


10/10 My Neighbor Totoro (1988)

Broadcast on HBO Max

My Neighbor Totoro is one of Studio Ghibli’s most iconic films. The story focuses on two girls, Satsuki and Mei, who encounter many magical creatures when moving to the land.

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Fantasy elements in mundane settings are prevalent in both bee and puppyand My Neighbor Totoro. They also have more serious themes mixed into their whimsical setting, such as grief and growth. For example, like Cardamon, Satsuki and Mei are two young children struggling with their mother’s illness, creating likable protagonists.

9/10 Steven Universe (2013 – 2020)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Sci-fi/coming of age series Steven Universe and bee and puppy have many similar elements such as the somewhat understated atmosphere, a mix of sci-fi fantasy elements in a mundane urban setting surrounded by water, and not-quite-human protagonists.

Bee and Steven are not fully human, with Bee being a robot while Steven is half Gem. Much like Bee, Steven has lessons to learn about growing up and taking responsibility while living closely with a newfound family. In Steven’s case, he is raised by the Crystal Gems, while Bee is close to the Wizard family and Puppycat. The main settings are also similar in that they are both seemingly mundane coastal areas with the out-of-the-ordinary mix.

8/10 Over the Garden Wall (2014)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Over the garden wall is a fantasy animated series that follows Wirt and Gregory, two half-brothers lost in the spooky and mysterious forest called The Unknown. They befriend Beatrice, a talking blue bird.

Like Bee and Puppycat, Wirt and Beatrice also have mysterious pasts that slowly come to light. Puppycat and Beatrice in particular have a lot in common, both being humans turned into animals. Even though the two shows tell interconnected stories, their episodic nature and the strange beings they encounter are very similar. They also both have slightly dark undercurrents running through them. Through Over the garden wallWirt and Gregory are tracked by the mysterious Beast, while Bee and Puppycat must come to terms with their past.

7/10 Doctor Who (1963 – Present)

Broadcast on HBO MAX

Like Bea and Puppycat, the Doctor and their companion have adventures in space. Both of these series feature protagonists (Bee and the Doctor) who look human but are actually not, and who have somewhat childlike personalities despite being adults.

Doctor Who, As Bea and Puppycat, has darker themes and elements mixed with lighter and whimsical aspects. The Doctor and his companions travel through space to help people while getting to know each other better, much like Bee and Puppy do. The Doctor and his companions travel in the TARDIS and usually end up in a seemingly random location, while Bee and Puppycat work for a space temp agency and are assigned a different job in space by the Tempbot.

6/10 Impasse: Paranormal Park (2022)

Streaming on Netflix

Impasse: paranormal park is kind of a coming-of-age series where the main character has a talking animal and the series has elements that are out of this world.

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Like Bee’s Puppycat, Barney’s Pugsley is no ordinary pet. Pugsley is a magical, talking, sometimes demon-possessed dog. Both shows also have wrestling-loving characters Cass and Toast in Bea and Puppycat and Barney in Dead End Paranormal Park. Another similarity is how in Dead end there’s fantasy and comedy mixed with more serious themes that explore identity and belonging. Barney moves to Phoenix Park in order to find a place where he is accepted, for example.

5/10 Futurama (1999 – 2023)

Streaming on Disney Plus

Bee and Fry’s Futurama the two have similar jobs that involve them having space adventures, with Bee as a temp and Fry as a delivery boy.

Both Bee and Fry are fairly immature adults but have more sensitive hidden depths. Bee also has some qualities in common with Bender, both being slightly hedonistic robots. The series is also tonally similar, mixing comedy with more touching and serious moments. Fry and Bee both have tragic stories. For example, Fry lived a social life with a girlfriend who dumped him right before he was frozen. Whereas Futurama has a bit more adult material, both shows are aimed at young adults and the older age bracket.

4/10 Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Broadcast on HBO Max

Bee has several things in common with Kiki, the young main character of the Studio Ghibli film. Kiki’s Delivery Servicewhich is also similar in tone to Bee and Puppycat.

Bee and Kiki are non-human characters who are at the center of a coming-of-age story, where they find their place in the world while taking on new jobs (Bee as a temp and Kiki as a delivery girl). also feature sarcastic talking cat characters (Puppycat and Jiji).

3/10 Adventure Time (2010 – 2018)

Broadcast on HBO Max

adventure time has many themes similar to Bee and Puppycat, main characters to the tone of the series. The setting and tone of both series are very whimsical, but with an undercurrent of darkness. Like Bee, Finn goes on adventures and has a lot to do. Jake has a lot in common with Puppycat in that they both talk about animal companions to the main character.

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Both series see the main characters go on adventures to places that seem light and fun at first, but then usually have some kind of darkness. For example, the Christmas episode “Holly Jolly Secrets” begins as a fun festive special before becoming increasingly disturbing and sad as the main characters watch mystery tapes of Simon Petrikov becoming the Ice King. An unusual similarity is that Temp-Bot from bee and puppy and BMO of adventure time are both sensitive talking electronic screens with smiley faces.

2/10 Hilde (2018)

Streaming on Netflix

hilda actions bee and puppymostly mundane setting with magical elements. Both shows have curious female protagonists and are the central character of their stories.

Both series have a comfortable and somewhat slow-moving element, in that both shows deal with their weirdness as if it were an everyday occurrence. For example, Hilda’s encounters with the supernatural in her new home of Trolberg are commonplace. Like Bee, Hilda has an unusual pet in Twig the red fox, and fantastic friends like her elf friend Alfur. Just like Bee, Hilda has a mysterious father about whom not much is known.

1/10 Sailor Moon (1992 – 1997)

Streaming on Hulu

As bee and puppy has many elements of the magical girl genre, Sailor Moon embodies it. As bee and puppy, Sailor Moon combines slice-of-life stories with fantasy.

Bee and Usagi/Serena have a lot in common, being magical girls with short attention spans and often being silly and silly. Both characters have a talking cat companion who is sarcastic and acts like a mentor. While Bee is actually a robot, Usagi/Serena is the reincarnation of moon warrior Sailor Moon from the Moon Kingdom. Sailor Moon, for example, used her moon-based powers to defeat villains such as Queen Beryl.

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