10 Best Tom Hanks Action Movies, Ranked According To IMDb


One of the most famous actors of all time is Tom Hanks. From the voice of Woody in the legendary toy story movies to play Forrest in Forrest Gump, Hanks has a very long list of iconic films he has starred in.

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He has quite a diverse range of projects he’s done, from dramas to comedies, and it seems Hanks has done it all since he started acting in movies 42 years ago. Perhaps surprisingly, one category it has thrived in is the action genre, and that’s only proven by the high scores these movies have received on IMDb.

ten Hell – 6.2

Robert Langdon - Inferno - Ron Howard - Tom Hanks - Sienna Brooks - Felicity Jones

The film Hell brings out some of Hanks best features. He plays Robert Langdon and is the smartest person in the room, but he plays it modestly, practically perfectly. It’s a role that Hanks has nailed in his many years of acting, and it clearly shows in this movie.

The action stems from the heroes trying to save the world from a plague and a group of people trying to end it, which is a common story theme, and although it might not be the one of Hanks’ best films, it performs admirably.

9 Angels and Demons – 6.7

Angels &  Tom Hanks Demons

Just like in HellHanks plays Robert Langdon in Angels, where he is called in by the Vatican Church to explore why the Illuminati are coming back for revenge.

Seeing Hanks running around and asking the church for help in solving what they called him for and solving a mystery, along with having Ewan McGregor as a co-star, made for a great movie. While not Hanks’ finest action work, it earned its place in the top ten.


8 World News – 6.8

Fans got to see another side to Hanks as he starred in the World News. This highly rated Western movie, only on Netflix at the time, was a hit with fans and critics alike.

The film’s action was much more subtle, as it was set in 1870, so it was more about the adventure of bringing the daughter, Johanna Leonberger, back to the little family she left behind. Seeing Hanks play the role of a father figure gave the film’s intensity an emotional weight as his attachment to the girl grew.

7 Greyhound – 7.0

Tom Hanks Greyhound Banner

The film inspired by real events that took place during World War II, doggy style, features one of Hanks’ best performances. The action in the film is breathtaking and heartbreaking and Hanks’ role in the film only adds to the emotional levels and heightens the cinematic beauty and taste of the play.

It’s no secret that making a movie of a historical event that actually happened can be hard to nail down and keep respectful, but this movie was able to do that, and Hanks was able to demonstrate the hardships, trials and triumphs the Navy veteran might have gone through not just as a first-time captain, but as someone everyone relies on to provide men and supplies to help win the war.

6 Cloud Atlas – 7.4

Tom Hanks in Cloud Atlas

In the single cloud atlas, Hanks plays a variety of characters, ranging from a doctor to a tribesman, as the film moves through six different storylines while exploring the possibilities of connecting people’s souls over time.

His wide acting cast and ability to portray different characters shines in this film, as audiences see him playing several very different people.

5 Bridge of Spies – 7.6

bridge of spies

Playing a hero in a war movie is one of Hanks’ specialties at this point in his acting career. He’s done it countless times. In bridge of spies, things are a little different. One of Hanks’ most likable characters is when he plays an insurance lawyer who the government doesn’t just talk to, but defends a Soviet spy.

The action in the film is set in the court case and ensuing drama as an American defends what everyone calls a traitor. Hanks’ performance is notable for his character being more calm and collected, and sincerely fighting for the other side because, as he says in the film, “every person matters”.

4 Apollo 13 – 7.7

Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks in "Apollo 13."

Whenever Hollywood wants to make a movie based on real events, it seems Tom Hanks is on their speed dial. The film Apollo 13 is proof that Hanks is the guy to call. Hanks plays one of the astronauts aboard Apollo 13.

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The action side of this movie doesn’t really happen until the space mission begins, and really until it starts to go wrong. When things start to go wrong on the ship, Hanks’ character springs into action, along with the other crew members, in hopes that they can at least get home. Hanks is still able to portray all the emotions one can feel in times of panic and plays the actions perfectly.

3 Captain Phillips – 7.8

Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips

Playing a captain is another role that Tom Hanks knew how to embody and capture perfectly every time. In Captain Phillips, Hanks stars as his cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates.

The action from the hijacking is top-notch and keeps fans and viewers on the edge of their seats, but it’s Hanks’ performance as captain that’s riveting. Being able to capture the panic, the necessary calm, the ownership and the leadership that a captain should embody all at once as his ship is being overtaken is perfectly represented by his acting in the film, and it is perhaps not to be one of Hanks’ saddest films.

2 Catch Me If You Can – 8.1

Tom Hanks as Joseph Baye with Nathalie Baye in Catch Me If You Can

Twenty years ago, Steven Spielberg gave the world a movie starring Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Walken – Catch Me If You Can. The film is based on the true story of a Frank Abagnale Jr. who swindled millions of dollars by pretending to work his way through different professions.

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Hanks plays the role of the FBI agent trying to catch Frank. His frustration at always being one step behind this kid without getting much help from the parents is played up beautifully by Hanks.

1 Saving Private Ryan – 8.6

Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) tells his men about his life at home in Saving Private Ryan

Perhaps one of Tom Hanks’ most iconic characters is Captain Miller in the 1998 film Save Private Ryan. His performance moved people in many ways, and the film has one of the highest IMDb scores of any feature film he has starred in (over 100).

When many people think of Tom Hanks this is one of the movies they associate with him because of his stellar work and because of Saving Private Ryan‘s quality as a whole. Again, perfecting the role of a captain in a war movie, he seems to have no problem taking on the action scenes in this movie, and it really does seem like there’s none other than Tom Hanks can’t do.

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