10 horror movies set in the southern United States


Of the peaceful English countryside seen in Men, released in May 2022, in the suburbs of Denver in black phone, released in June 2022, horror can happen anywhere and even in the smallest places. While some might think of dark castles in Victorian England or spooky campgrounds in upstate New York, some of the genre’s scariest movies are set in the American South.

The region may be known for its reputation for Southern hospitality, good food and warm climates, but it can also be the scene of gruesome and terrifying stories set in gothic mansions, dark swamps and old cemeteries. The monsters of man and beast call this place home, and the movie world has made that clear.


ten The Premonition (1976)

Located in central Mississippi, the premonition is about a variety of horror elements that come together to form a mish-mash monster of a movie that still manages to remain unmistakably unsettling in its delivery. From psychic visions to an evil clown stalking his victims, this movie throws a lot at audiences all at once.

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The film is about a woman who kidnaps her daughter from her adoptive parents with the help of her creepy clown boyfriend. Luckily, the girl’s adoptive mother has psychic powers that help the police track down the kidnappers. Attach yourself to terrifying visions, a witch’s curse, and other eerie phenomena, and the results are confusing yet macabre in this eerie, suspenseful experience.

9 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Obvious but fitting, this Tobe Hooper masterpiece is a classic of the slasher genre set right in the heart of the Lonestar State. Along with its clan of cannibals and teenage victims, the film is also home to many of the region’s archetypes and settings, including roadside barbecue stands, plantation houses, and shady spots in the backwoods of communities. rural.

Leatherface and his evil family may not be the best example of Southern hospitality, but they are one of the titans of terror when it comes to slasher movies set in the Deep South. There are worse things than grave robbers in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

8 Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Louisiana is a state steeped in tradition and superstition, making it the perfect setting for many famous and spooky features such as Interview with the Vampire. While some viewers might expect bloodsuckers to be more at home in places like Transylvania or Victorian England, the gothic nature of 1800s New Orleans is just as haunting and intoxicating. .

Lestat and Louis are two of the genre’s most famous vampires, and their handsome exteriors only mask the horror of the monsters below. More complex and nuanced than some vampire movies, but there’s a reason why Anne Rice’s creation is a masterpiece for many.

seven Cape Fear (1991)

Although the original film starring Gregory Peck will always be a classic, Robert De Niro’s 1991 version served as living proof that Martin Scorsese could do horror in a way that other directors couldn’t. Set in the fictional town of New Essex, Florida, Cape fear is a slasher film disguised as a suspenseful drama, and Max Cady is a cunning and tenacious villain who will chill a whole host of viewers.

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It may not be a slasher movie in the conventional sense, but it does feature a murderer whose agenda attacks a host of victims. With all the twists a viewer can expect from the director of films like Freedmenand The Disappeared, the film is as gripping as it is terrifying.

6 The Evil Dead (1981)

When horror fans think of spooky, decrepit, lonely cabins in the woods, they usually imagine the one seen in Sam Rummy. evil Dead movies. Hidden in the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains in eastern Tennessee, the famous cabin not only hosted Ash Williams and his friends, but also an unholy host of Deadites who were awakened by reading the Necronomicon.

Those familiar with the area will know that the rural areas of the Smokies are dense with forests, the perfect spawning grounds for the spooky things that dwell in the dark. Rami practically had the perfect location for a secluded horror movie far from civilization.

5 Fragility (2001)

On paper, Fragility is a serial killer film told from the killer’s point of view. In practice, it’s an understated psychological horror/terrifying character study of a religious bigot who viciously unleashes a psychosis interpreted as divine messages.

A thriller ahead of its time, this FBI chiller depicts the gruesome events of a serial killer’s spree witnessed by the subject’s children. Horror fans might not find anything supernatural or over the top, but sometimes the most realistic scares can leave a more permanent impression.

4 The Skeleton Key (2005)

The Skeleton Key shows a deadly dive into the dark side of New Orleans, dealing with themes of the occult, Hoodoo rituals, haunted houses and spirit possession. When a hospice nurse takes a job as babysitter for a paralyzed old man at a parish mansion in Terrebonne, she discovers it may not have been a stroke that rendered him to his condition. current.

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The Plantation House has a long, dark history surrounding a pair of Hoodoo practitioners, and their spirits still wander its halls. Although skeptical at first, Caroline Ellis quickly discovers the effects of true black magic.

3 Pumpkin Head (1988)

This underrated Southern Gothic is a tale of tragedy, revenge, and personal demons of mental and physical sense as a grief-stricken father conjures up the evil Pumpkinhead to exact revenge on the teenagers who accidentally kill his young son. The movie is a stylish and visually distinct creature feature with incredible special effects and a truly terrifying monster.

pumpkin headwas a monster movie ahead of its time. Vengeance, family, and retribution are common elements in the Southern Goth genre, but when they intersect with classic ’80s horror motifs, it’s a recipe for an unforgettable creature feature.

2 Hatchet (2006)

Hatchet is a straightforward slasher flick set in the dark, swampy bayous of Louisiana, equipped with all the bells and whistles a traditional entry into the genre demands. A host of victims lost in a place they shouldn’t be, a supernatural killer with a sharp instrument of death and a host of horror alumni to tie it all together, it’s classic terror through and through. end.

Hatchet is a slasher movie made for slasher movie fans, and it wears its influences proudly on its blood-soaked sleeve. It doesn’t attempt to be anything it isn’t, delivering the slogan promising “old school American horror”.

1 House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Rob Zombie plans a deadly detour on the Texas highway with House of 1000 corpses. Free, gory, and gross are just three terms used to describe Zombie’s bad trip with the Firefly family, but it’s still a stylish and memorable display of the director’s skills.

Similar to works like Texas Chainsaw and Evil Dead, the film concerns a car full of potential victims on a road trip through rural America who meets a grizzly fate at the hands of evil and disturbing villains. Instead of Leatherface’s family, the show is quickly stolen by fireflies as Otis, Baby, Captain Spaulding and the others unleash a night of terror that no victim or onlooker will soon forget.


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