10 Life Lessons Reddit Fans Learned From Horror Movies


Horror fans have seen so many tropes that they often joke about what characters should and shouldn’t be doing. For example, it’s never a good idea to run upstairs because that’s where the killer is usually located, and entering a dark forest or an abandoned house tends to spell death and disaster. While it’s possible to joke about how scary movies teach people to avoid monsters, ghosts, and slasher villains, there are real-life lessons to be found in these types of movies.

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While some of the lessons found in horror movies might seem silly and obvious, Redditors have mentioned some helpful tips that they’ve carefully considered after watching several scary movies.

ten caring about others

scream 2 sidney prescott

Some horror movie main characters are dumb, but others are wise, able to see through fake people, and will stop at nothing to get what they want, which usually consists of surviving until the end. of the movie.

Redditor Ghostface215 wrote that Sidney Prescott in Scream teaches fans the lesson to “stay caring and compassionate despite having been through more than the average person”. Whether watching Sidney’s Scream action scenes or small moments between Sidney, Gale, Dewey and Tatum, Sidney always wants to be there for his friends.

9 Be grateful

SAW Jigsaw

Redditor said Jonah_Cade said there was a life lesson to be learned from Seen candor: “Don’t take your life for granted.” The fan noted that Jigsaw says in one scene, “Most people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you…”

Even though this is a disturbing slasher franchise, with some of the bloodiest deaths imaginable, it’s true that this is life advice for audiences to take from it. Anyone watching will definitely feel grateful that they aren’t in these horrific situations.


8 Friends should help each other

IT Chapter 2

There are many close-knit groups of friends in horror movies, especially when the story is about teenagers battling a serial killer or villain. Redditor LibraryGhoul posted that “in every slasher movie you have to stick with your friends”, which is a great lesson. Editor LouisTully900 said that It: Chapter 2 has a “heartfelt message about the true value of friendship”.

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There are certainly plenty of hints about the importance of friendship in multiple horror movies, as the characters band together to defeat a common enemy and achieve their goal of survival.

7 Dealing with grief and other emotions

Image of Babadook monster.

The Babadook tells a sad story about Amelia, a widowed mother whose husband, Oskar, died in a car accident. Now Amelia is raising Samuel and their lives change when they find a book called Mr Babadook about a creepy monster that begins to haunt them.

A Redditor said the movie tells a lesson about grief that people “should face it and learn to live with it and that will ultimately help us move forward.” The Babadook has a scary monster movie character that fans have never forgotten.

6 People should listen to their gut instincts

There are many examples in the horror genre of main characters who found themselves in a scary situation or place without giving it much thought. In most of these cases, the characters can rely more often on their own perception and self-awareness.

One Redditor said, “Horror movies in general have taught me to listen to my instincts because it’s rarely wrong.” Laurie Strode in Halloween franchise is a good example of a character who can say something is up and she needs to take action.

5 Selfishness is a bad personality trait to have.

christine drag me to hell

A Redditor posted that there was a smart life lesson in drag me to hell“Don’t be selfish/greedy.”

As Christine Brown, who works as a loan officer, gets caught up in a client who places a curse on her, she knows she’s doomed. While this is a very intense story and can be an extreme and frightening example, it’s true that audiences can take to heart the lesson that being selfish is a bad idea.

4 think more critically

When fans observe the most intelligent horror movie main characters, they often look at the situation they find themselves in and use certain critical thinking skills. This helps these characters stand out since others deny there is any threat or danger.

Redditor Spartaren said horror movies can teach audiences that “things aren’t always what they seem” and that people should “reflect on their decisions”.

3 Be aware of yourself

The rear slasher drive to tackle in Urban Legend

There are many moments in horror movies where audiences want to scream at the screen and tell the characters to look behind them or be more discerning about where they are. Redditor newhorizonskyline wrote that fans can learn an important life lesson from these films: “Always be aware of your surroundings.”

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In the opening scene of Urban legendfor example, a character gets into their car without first looking at the backseat and a killer murders them, which is based on the classic scary story everyone has heard.

2 Don’t leave home without a charged cell phone

scream 2022 jenna ortega - tara

While it’s possible to joke that the characters always have dead cellphone batteries, and that’s generally considered one of the worst horror movie tropes, it’s necessary for the characters to be powerless against a killer.

There are actually some smart tips here, though. Redditor WardnessoftheNorth2 said horror movies teach audiences to “keep your phone charged”. It is true that it is useful to have a full mobile phone battery when leaving the house.

1 Being calm will help in most situations

Rachel looks serious in The Ring

Redditor 1515jpeg wrote that in most horror movies, it seems the best advice is to always “keep calm”.

It’s a great life lesson, though horror fans never find themselves in the same weird life or death scenarios as their favorite movie characters. There are so many situations where trying to stay calm, rational and trying to come up with a smart solution will be the best idea.

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