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Season 4 of young justice has been a thrill for DC fans, with new episodes still releasing in June. The series introduced some of the most obscure characters from the DC Universe, while bringing in popular villains and heroes from across the galaxy.

There aren’t many shows that fit the DC Comics audience with equally niche appeal, but there are plenty of movies that are thematically similar. Ranker fans have decided on the best picks for fans looking to experience comics and similarly styled animation fantasy entertainment.


ten Spider-Man: No Coming Home (2021)

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Spider Man No Way Home Garfield Peter Ned Maguire Peter

The MCUs Spider-Man: No Coming Home was a huge cultural hit for multiple generations of superhero fans, as the film’s not-so-well-kept secret reveals were very exciting for longtime fans. The film carries a frame rate similar to young justicein that it generally keeps a lighthearted approach to comic book stories.

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That being said, they’re both fun and sometimes comical, but both know how to touch the hearts of their audience, showing the emotional connection that audiences have with their favorite comic book characters. After all, Spider-Man and Nightwing have often had similar appeal.

9 Hawkeye (2021)

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An image of Kate and Clint about to shoot arrows in Hawkeye

Of the Disney+ Marvel shows, Hawk Eye looked the most like young justice. The show expected the viewer to know the universe, which made the Wilson Fisk so impactful, similarly to young justice has dealt with villains like members of The Light, Darkseid or more recently General Zod.

Hawk Eye also has a pleasant humor, with amusing secondary characters and strong banter, feats that young justice is famous for. Not to mention that both shows feature a young sidekick archer as a key character, as Artemis and Kate Bishop have a lot in common.

8 The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012)

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Assemblages of different superheroes often make for great content, especially in animation. The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes lasted two seasons before the hype of the MCU and The Avengers really took off with the movie in 2012. The show was a hit and received critical acclaim.

The cartoon’s roster offered plenty of characters that Marvel fans are familiar with. Unfortunately, the show was cut short before it could delve into the lore fans had hoped for, never reaching the level of comedic mythology that young justice is known to explore.

seven The Legend of Korra (2012-2014)

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Airbender Kids from the legend of Korra

young justice has always had strong social themes in seasons 3 and 4, making a distinct effort to have a diverse cast of heroes, as well as a strong focus on mental health topics and more. The Legend of Korra received similar praise from critics, as its four seasons addressed important sociopolitical issues of its time.

For a show aimed at a younger audience, The Legend of Korra had an impressive social commentary that was considered ahead of its time. For anime fans who offer serious information on real-world topics, The Legend of Korra is a solid recommendation.

6 X-Men: Evolution (2000-2003)

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Before the Avengers took over the superhero world, the X-Men were the most popular Marvel superhero team, with several films and animated series. The sequel to the 90s Marvel animated series was X-Men: Evolutiona show that took a fresh take on the classic mutant band.

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Like with X-Men: First Class, Evolution saw the heroes as teenage versions of themselves, as the show aimed to appeal to younger audiences. DC had a similar situation with young justicehoping to provide more relevant characters to its audience than the previous Justice League Unlimited.

5 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2020)

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Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ashoka and Maul from Star Wars Clone Wars

In order to bridge the gap between attack of the clones and Revenge of the Siththe animated series The Clone Wars was developed. Like with young justicethe show follows a younger cast, having introduced the Padawan Ahsoka Tano, not only providing a young character but also complimenting Anakin’s childishness.

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The show has some great banter, not just between these two, but also the variety of Jedi, Clone, and other characters the series explores. The Clone Wars greatly expanded the Star Wars universe, exploring the deep corridors of the galaxy, similar to young justice.

4 The Boys (2019–present)

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Cast of The Boys: What are the Seven's real names

There are tons of similarities between The boys and the DC Universe, as the characters are often heavily inspired by DC. For young justice specifically, the shows follow storylines about how superheroes would be viewed by audiences and the media factor in comic book worlds.

As in young justice with Beast Boy and his TV series, The boys revolves around The Seven, a team of superheroes involved in a multimedia corporation, showing how the artificial nature of heroism has corrupted them. The boys is one of the best ongoing black comedy series.

3 Teen Titans (2003-2006)

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Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire dressed as Robin in Teen Titans

Following a team of DC sidekicks wasn’t new to young justicelike Cartoon Network Teen Titans was a show that many 2000s fans grew up with. Also featuring Robin, the series followed the more traditional Teen Titans lineup of the comics, only touching on characters like Aqualad and Speedy later on.

It shows just how good the animated side of DC TV is. For fans of Beast Boy and Cyborg in the later seasons of young justice, Teen Titans has them at their best and funniest, as the two were a beloved couple for their humorous antics and binge eating of pizza.

2 Invincible (2021–present)

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Invincible mark grayson amazon prime video

An anime series with a stellar cast, including Steven Yeun, JK Simmons and Sandra Oh, Invincible offers another proper adult take on the world of superheroes. From Image Comics, which brought The Walking Dead and Kick assthe new show follows a teenage character with superpowers.

Possessing its own mythology, unrelated to Marvel or DC, the Invincible has a new world of heroes, with the main character as the audience’s guide to how powers develop and work. As in young justicethe show explores the development of powers in young characters.

1 Superman and Lois (2021–present)

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Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Ken and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois in Superman and Lois season 2

The Arrowverse is decreasing the number of shows in its schedule starting next year, but it looks like the success of Superman and Lois will allow him to continue. Besides the recognizable faces of Superman and Lois Lane, the show features new faces, including their teenage sons.

Picking up the story of an already seasoned Superman allows the show to explore niche aspects of the DC character and world, including alternate universes. The sons are an important aspect of the series and have similar experiences to Superboy in young justice.

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