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The work week can be stressful and although some viewers can’t wait to watch the recent action-packed outing of The Batmanothers might be looking for a soft film to soothe that weekday stress.

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Redditors were quick to create a list of movies guaranteed to relax their viewers, from sci-fi romances to quirky period pieces, these films have all the conventions of a relaxing movie night. New Batman Movie might be at the top of the list, but these 10 movies are perfect for unwinding before or after diving into the action of Gotham City


She (2013)

Theodore talks to Samantha in Her
  • Available to stream on Netflix

His is an unconventional romance film that combines modern technology with romance in an effort to blend genres and create an unusual yet equally beautiful story. The film is mostly a conversation piece as Theodore slowly develops feelings for his AI assistant Samantha, but it’s not just the soft tones of the character’s voices that soothe its viewers.

The film’s color scheme is guaranteed to give viewers that warm summer vibe while capturing the Los Angeles cityscape. It’s a charming yet interesting watch that offers a refreshing plot that seemingly entertains and relaxes every viewer, with Owlmaath stating that “It felt very relaxing” and continues to be a heartwarming watch for many even today.

Licorice Pizza (2021)

Alana drives a truck in Licorice Pizza
  • Available for purchase on Amazon Video

There are many brands of Paul Thomas Anderson in Licorice Pizza, especially with its desire to capture the true essence of life and the human connection through a unique, beautifully told story. The film follows a sweet, sweet and innocent story that hooked fans from the start, with many intrigued by the true story hidden within it alongside its endearing characters.

Licorice Pizza made fans feel nostalgic for their own adventures thanks to its loose narrative structure, which is part of why this movie is a great movie to watch on those most stressful days. Its narrative style allows fans to tune out rather than follow an intense plot, causing many, including Boulazed, to leave the theater “on cloud nine”.

Lost in Translation (2003)

  • Available for purchase on Amazon Video

lost in translation is the perfect film to calm down after a stressful day, with each character learning to feel what the other is feeling. It’s a unique yet endearing story of an unlikely friendship set in Tokyo, and the film perfectly captures the beauty of Japan’s capital (with shots illustrating the country’s stunning cityscapes).

The film has become something of a cult classic due to its interesting plot, which is also well complemented by its cinematography, setting, and music (all of which proved to be relaxing for fans). One Redditor even suggested that “if the musical genre of Lo-fi was a movie, it would be this movie,” its laid-back vibe being one of the reasons the film continues to be so popular today.

Nomadic Land (2020)

Frances McDormand in Nomadland (1)
  • Available to stream on Hulu

nomadland was one of the biggest films of 2020 and certainly lived up to its hype when it finally came out as the film got pushed back due to the pandemic. It was a stunning film that was nominated for several awards across a range of topics and certainly left its mark on viewers, with many seeking a freer life away from the stressful version of reality.

The film had the potential to stick to the common tropes associated with solo travel, but instead it “let Frances wander through some really beautiful landscapes” that were “full of good people”, which been recognized by many fans (including OkeyDoke47). It encouraged viewers to relax while watching knowing nothing terrible was going to happen and encouraged many to seek a freer version of life.

Emma (2020)

  • Available for purchase on Amazon Video

For lovers of classic literature, Emma brought the characters they read to life through vibrant colors and wacky on-screen portrayals of each protagonist. It offers a lighthearted take on a period piece, with its unique and quirky structure that keeps fans hooked from the start.

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The film adopts a gentle pace that is well complemented by light music that gave many fans the relaxing escape they were looking for. tagged calamity Emma as a “beautiful and fun period piece with a really vibrant color palette”, the soothing nature synonymous with other period pieces.

Soul (2020)

Jamie Foxx in Soul 2020
  • Available to stream on Disney+

Soul provided plenty of thought-provoking quotes that left viewers wondering about their own existence (but it’s safe to say the movie is also a beautifully animated film that helped ease many fans’ stress levels). It offered young viewers a sweet and somewhat funny story while simultaneously speaking to adults through its highly visual yet interesting depiction of spirituality.

The level of animation in the film is truly impressive, leaving many fans mesmerized by its blue and purple tones that offer something similar to blue light therapy, with many viewers feeling a stress drop while watching. Redditor sandy_shark903 explained how “Soul is so spellbinding” with many fans feeling both amused and chilled.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

  • Available for purchase on DIRECTV

call me by your name adopts that similar voyeuristic and conversational style of story that The before trilogy done while also taking place in Europe. The film has a very artistic feel that many viewers, including MastersOfShrugs, have accused of “bringing summer into your living room” through what bevaka explained as a “dreamy, hazy vibe.”

It’s a movie that doesn’t have a particularly obvious plot, but rather a running story of a building relationship that ends in a heartbreaking fashion. However, once viewers can look past the heartbreaking ending, it’s easy to see the film as a lovely, soothing depiction of love, and its hazy tone delivers a warm summery feel that many fans associate with the relaxation.

Amelie (2001)

  • No broadcast information available

Amelie is a romantic cinematic masterpiece that has become somewhat unknown to everyday viewers, but for movie fanatics, the film remains a comfort film that encourages every emotion to be felt. It’s a fun and dynamic French film that has somewhat childlike transitions and expressions that are both infectious and endearing to watch.

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Amelie has a smooth energy that many fans find solace in, underscored by the film’s familiar sepia tone and stunning cinematography. While the movie needs a bit more attention from non-French speakers, many fans, including this deleted Redditor, said it was “super sweet and charming. Not stressful,” guaranteed to deliver a story but light, entertaining and soothing.

The Before Trilogy (1995-2013)

Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise
  • All 3 films are available for purchase on Amazon Video

The before trilogy has become a must-have film series for any self-proclaimed cinephile, but it’s Richard Linklater’s use of cinematography and dialogue that makes each film so calm and relaxing. Each film is a conversation piece that follows Celine and Jesse as they fall in love over the years in different European countries, which also makes it magnificent in terms of cinematography.

The films allow viewers to feel like voyeurs and situate them in the deep conversations shared by the couple, which also gives off a more relaxed vibe as viewers step away from the tumultuous romances commonly seen in movies. other movies. Reddit user Aztechoodlum even went so far as to label “Richard Linklater [as] the master of everyday movies” that warms and excites viewers.

Cook (2014)

  • Available for purchase on Amazon Video

Chief is a brilliant film that continued to provide fans with cinematic comfort in the face of the harsh realities of life while delivering an uplifting story of hope that resonated with many fans. It’s a feel-good film that’s both easy to follow and vibrant in its coloring, making it an interesting but also visually stunning film to watch on nights that call for relaxation.

This film is perfect for foodies and fans of the famous mukbang, with plenty of scenes following Carl as he prepares a delicious meal that focuses on that style of film aesthetic that fans love. It’s a calming film that has cemented itself not only in viewers’ hearts but also in their stomachs, with one Redditor offering some words of wisdom to new viewers: “Don’t [have an] on an empty stomach when you watch.”

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