10 Movies That Would Be Completely Ruined If The Characters Had Access To Smartphones, According To Reddit


Smartphones made storyboarding so much more difficult, as tons of storylines could easily be solved if characters pulled their phones out of their pockets and did a quick Google search or entered a location into Maps.

According to Redditors, if smartphones existed in these movies, they wouldn’t have been half as entertaining, would have been cut short, or wouldn’t exist at all. Between a phone booth being the focal point of the premise and a character with amnesia tattoo information on their body instead of jotting it down on the Notes app, these characters’ lives would be much easier in 2022.


The Dark Knight (2008)

Harvey Dent Rachel Dawes The Dark Knight

After discovering that Joker had kidnapped Rachel and Harvey and locked them in two different warehouses in The black Knight, Batman chose to save Rachel. But what the Caped Crusader didn’t know was that Joker lied about the warehouses each of them were in.

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Batman went to Harvey instead, but MickJoest notes, “Batman could have saved Rachel if he had used the Find My Phone app in The black KnightIronically, in the final act of the 2008 superhero film, Batman turns everyone’s cellphone into sonar, which means he can see almost anything as long as there are cellphones.

Titanic (1997)

Jack toasting dinner at the Titanic

Violetgranger argues that Titanic would be ruined if the characters had access to smartphones. The Redditor notes: “At the rate news is coming in on social media, the ship wouldn’t even be sinking properly as someone tweets, ‘Titanic is sinking in mid-Atlantic, I need help PRONTO #yolo #swag #iceburgnoiceburg » » .

The Reddit user makes a good point, because that’s exactly what’s happening today. However, Titanic is based on a true story, and it’s a bit difficult to separate the film from the actual event. But the idea of ​​Jack tweeting “#yolo” is definitely fun.

Harold and Kumar go to the white castle (2004)

Harold and Kumar go to the white castle is one of the best food movies. The film follows the titular characters as they seek out fast food to satisfy their hunger. However, certain distractions and getting increasingly lost drive them far further away from White Castle than they were to begin with.

5IVER1 thinks that if they had a cell phone, they could have just brought up White Castle in Google Maps, hilariously noting: “In 4,000 feet turn left”. While the movie would be ruined by using a smartphone, that applies to hundreds of other movies about loss, not just the stoner comedy.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

comeback threesome

just like Harold and Kumar, Homeward Bound: An Unexpected Journey is about characters who get lost and try to find their way back. However, the characters are not ordinary people or stoners trying to find food, but pets, including two dogs and a cat.

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The_Eagle_Has_Landed thinks the 1993 movie would be ruined by smartphones, “Assuming talking animals have the ability to use the GPS device on smartphones.” And while animals being able to use smartphones sounds ridiculous, in the context of the movie where cats and dogs can talk to each other in English, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Cast Away (2000)

chuck countdown the days he was blocked

Many fans think that Castaway would make a great video game, as it could follow Chuck solving puzzles on the uncharted island and building survival tools with what’s available to players. However, the movie, much like the game, according to a Redditor, wouldn’t be very long if cellphones were involved.

The editor explains:Castaway would have been much shorter if he had found a phone in one of the packages. “In the 2000 movie, a ton of FedEx packages fail in the wake of the plane crash, many of which use Chuck to his advantage. In all honesty, when not everyone had a cell phone in 2000 like today, there is no doubt that there would have been at least one phone in one of these packages, even if it was not a smartphone.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Darkglobe77 insists the 1989 film would be ruined with the use of smartphones, as the whole premise would fall apart. If smartphones existed in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventurethe film would not only be shorter, but it would not exist at all, as a telephone booth is at the center of the film and is almost a main character itself.

The film follows two high school students who encounter the phone booth and use it to collect historical figures spanning hundreds of years for their school project. Now, the very concept of the phone booth is practically historic itself.

Remembrance (2001)

Leonard Shelby in remembrance

oh_my_god_brunette_noted that Memento wouldn’t have been half as engaging if cell phones had existed back then. The film follows Leonard, who tracks down the murder of his wife but struggles due to his anterograde amnesia, which means he takes a lot of notes. If Leonard had a cellphone, the Redditor explains, “Leonard could have written why he shouldn’t trust Natalie, instead of her stealing all the pens and he couldn’t write it down.”

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But the Redditor also overlooks another important reason why Memento wouldn’t be half as interesting if Leonard had a smartphone. As the character lives with amnesia, he tattoos clues every day, which he would not have had to do if he had had a telephone. It could also have taken HD photos quickly, instead of carrying countless mixed-up Polaroid photos.

The Departed (2006)

The dead is Martin Scorsese’s finest gangster film, and it’s the only one of his films set in the present day, or at least it was in 2006, making it a very distinct film in the filmography filled with director’s period sets. It was almost bizarre to see mobsters using cellphones in a Scorsese film, but Shortboarder notes that it would have been ruined if it had been made a few years later and the characters had smartphones.

The Redditor explains, “He relied a lot on phones with real keys so characters could text by touch. They wouldn’t have a chance with an all-glass phone.” One of the most intense moments in the 2006 film is when Colin, an FBI mole, surrounded by other FBI agents during an undercover operation, must urgently text Frank, his face. father of a sadistic gangster. He does this by feeling the phone buttons in his pocket, but this action would have been impossible had it not been for two years.

The Matrix (1999)

Trinity Matrix Phone Booth

There’s a strange connection that ties some Keanu Reeves-directed films together, which is that phone booths are hugely important in getting his characters where they need to go. In Bill and Tedthe phone booth travels in time, and in The matrix, telephone booths and general landlines, help him get out of the Matrix. Puffycheeses notes that if the characters had cell phones, they could “go away whenever they feel like it”.

There would be a lot less at stake if Neo, Trinity and co. had smartphones, as they usually look for a phone booth when looking for agents. Maybe that’s why 2021 The Matrix Resurrections radically changed history. Instead of leaving the world using phones, it is through reflections.

The Breakfast Club (1985)

The breakfast club

To like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The breakfast club can be confusing for young viewers as its central premise is no longer relevant in real life. It follows a group of teenagers who are detained on weekends, which was common in the 80s. All of the teenagers are completely different and belong to separate cliques, but they bond and bond throughout the film. My_venting_account mentions that this would never happen these days, whether weekend detention still exists or not.

The Redditor postulates, “No one would have talked to each other, no one would have gone to bed, no story would have been told, and I don’t think I would love Judd Nelson as much as I do.” The teenagers are said to have remained silent, staring at their phones the entire time and, ironically, likely looking at each other’s social media profiles.

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