10 Times The MCU Ignored Its Own Movies


It’s no secret that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock-full of movies and TV shows, making it hard for fans to keep up with. Reception to Phase Four has been mixed among viewers, but the most common complaint is how it all fits together.

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The MCU has mostly done a good job of piecing together smaller stories to create an overarching narrative, but there are plot points or characters that haven’t been mentioned even years after they were introduced. Viewers have started noticing the holes in the seams of more recent MCU movies, but it’s been obvious for a while. While the next phase of MCU projects may fix some issues, the superhero franchise may continue to ignore its own movies.

10/10 What makes something an “Avengers-level threat”?

Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Spider-Man: Far From Home recognized “Avenger-level threats” in their own way. A glaring problem within the MCU is that the definition of this term changes every time the writers need it. Plus, if a movie needs the hype of a superhero team-up or a cameo, an Avenger will be right behind it.

Typically, the Avengers engage in a post-credits scene, but one of the MCU’s biggest flaws is the way the heroes seem to be tactile. For example, Captain Marvel hasn’t been seen for decades, even though she could have saved planets like Xandar from the hands of Thanos.

9/10 Ant-Man was supposed to help Ghost

Ant-Man’s role in the MCU is much smaller than in the comics, but the The ant Man the films always offer incredible comedies and dynamic action sequences. However, when fans last saw Ava Starr (aka Ghost), Scott Lang and company vowed to help her with her quantum illness.

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Shortly after this promise, Scott was stuck in the Quantum Realm as his crew was dusted. This leaves viewers wondering if Ghost lived or died around the time of the Snap. Maybe she will make a comeback and this story will come true in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, but so far the MCU has ignored this common thread.

8/10 The Sokovia Accords Meant Nothing

The plot of Captain America: Civil War was triggered when the governments of the world tried to take control of superheroes. Tony Stark agreed that heroes like the Avengers needed to be controlled to build trust among civilians, but Captain America had a hard time letting politicians control him.

Eventually the agreements went into effect and Captain America and his crew became fugitives. After Civil war, however, the Sokovia Accords were never mentioned again. Heroes like Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man always did what they wanted, and it showed that the whole plot point meant nothing in the larger MCU picture.

7/10 The Wakanda revelation didn’t have the impact implied

2018 Black Panther ended with King T’Challa announcing that he would build bridges with the rest of the world in order to share Wakanda’s knowledge, and perhaps resources, with those in need. While humanity’s last stand against Thanos took place in Wakanda, many ideas that came from Wakanda offering its technology and resources never came to fruition.

Concepts like the Wakandan Awareness Center or National Vibranium Technology haven’t been talked about since. Black Panther. Maybe they will be developed with the next one wakanda forever, or maybe the scene only served to give Infinity War a familiar setting.

6/10 Iron-Man 2’s Justin Hammer Said He’s Coming Back

In recent years, the “villain problem” within the MCU has seemingly been resolved. Lately, Marvel has embraced complex villains who have deeper backstories with the characters. Justin Hammer was a secondary villain of iron man 2 and he has been waiting for a return for a long time.

Justin served as the B-list villain for Tony Stark, acting as an almost mirror image of the hero and a look at who Tony might have become before his change of heart. Justin said he would make a comeback, but he hasn’t been mentioned in the MCU in the 12 years since. iron man 2.

5/10 Fans Can’t Be Sure All Xandarians Have Been Killed

Thanos acquiring the Infinity Stones would take a long time, so it makes sense that some of that happened off-screen. What doesn’t make sense to viewers is the Xandar massacre. Xandar is the home of the Nova Empire, the Nova Corps, and over 12 billion Xandarians. When Thanos retrieved the Power Stone, he destroyed the entire empire and Nova’s body, then wiped out half of all Xandarians.

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If Thanos gave Xandar the same treatment as Asgard, it’s highly unlikely that everyone in the Nova Corps was killed, especially those off-world. Xandar plays a minor role in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, but with the upcoming NOVA movie, many fans are hoping the planet will rise again.

4/10 The Celestials had two characteristics

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 brought several problems to the MCU. Ego the Living Planet revealed that Peter Quill was part of Celestial, the oldest and most powerful race in the universe. Ego’s goal was to multiply on as many planets as possible by planting seeds on each planet.

The way the MCU presented Celestials was underwhelming compared to their comic book counterparts. The Celestials are a large race within the Marvel Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy briefly mentioned the beings, but Eternals showed all their power. Celestials consume planets just to exist and create much of the known universe, but fans couldn’t figure that out from Ego’s portrayal of them. Marvel Studios never addressed this major flaw when moving forward with the rest of the MCU.

3/10 Shang-Chi’s Team Up With Wong, Captain Marvel, And Banner Didn’t Happen

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was highly anticipated by MCU fans and had high expectations. Fortunately, the movie delivered, especially since a post-credits scene set up a bright future for Shang-Chi in the MCU.

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In the film, Wong takes Shang-Chi and her friend Katy to a meeting with Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel. Introducing these characters involved a huge team going forward, but Wong, Marvel, and Banner have been seen numerous times since without any mention of Shang-Chi. Fans are hoping the superhero will get more screen time soon, but it looks like the MCU has other plans.

2/10 The Blip was only relevant a few times

The Thanos Snap had lasting effects on characters across the MCU, but the aftermath only mattered in a few key projects. The only time the MCU has acknowledged the consequences of the Snap was in cases where the characters were close to significant characters or heroes.

Spider-Man: Far From Home and Falcon and the Winter Soldier showed how some people deal with the Snap and the socio-economic issues that would come with it, but it’s not as much of a problem in any other project. Fans are apparently meant to accept that none of the new heroes were blown away and their lives weren’t affected either.

1/10 Tiamut is still in the ocean

Eternals has been the most controversial MCU film of recent years. Regardless of how popular the movie was, the MCU hasn’t addressed any of the movie’s characters or events since. Eternals‘ Liberation.

Many fans were quick to point out the Eternals’ absence from the Thanos fight. Now the people of Earth-199999 have ignored an even more glaring problem. There is a large celestial still in the middle of the ocean. In the years following the release of Eternals, only She-Hulk: Lawyer featured a simple Easter egg that nods that Tiamut is still in the ocean. Fans hope this will be addressed in the Eternals after.

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