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Due to their very nature, superhero movies tend to feature some very unusual situations. With a volatile mix of superpowers, heroes, villains, and doomsday threats available, they have the ability to create storylines that are likely to be found nowhere else. As such, quotes from superhero movies can be … weird at times.

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However, some quotes take word aggression to the next level. They’re weird by the fairly unusual standards of superhero movies, whether in or out of context. The weirdness can be purposefully emphasized for comedic purposes, but that doesn’t change the fact that some quotes are just plain weird.

ten “Rolling down the street like shit in the wind” – Venom, Venom

Venom threatens a thief in a convenience store Movie Venom

Very few superhero movies have been as controversial in their enjoyment as Venom. Not many people claim that it’s as high quality as some of the best deals in the genre, but opinions are divided as to whether it’s funny and entertaining or whether it’s just too hard.

One of the flashpoints of these arguments is the quote above, which comes after Venom threatened to eat the arms and legs of a little thug. Its supporters argue that it is deliberately melodramatic and gratuitous, while its detractors say it is emblematic of the film’s flaws and impossible to take seriously. However, both groups agree that it is a strange threat.

9 “If aliens end up implanting eggs in my chest or something and I eat you, I’m sorry” – Peter Parker, Avengers: Infinity War

Peter Parker makes pop culture reference to Tony Stark and Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War

The Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t a franchise that takes itself particularly seriously. His heroes are always ready to make a joke to defuse the tension of a situation. However, there are some lines that go a little too far when creating a joke and end up looking amazing in the situation.

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When Peter Parker, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark arrive on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War, Peter delivers this line in his usual tone for pop culture jokes. When Tony tells him to stop, Peter reveals he thought it like a Warning on the approaching Guardians of the Galaxy. As the warnings go away, this is an unusually wordy warning that doesn’t get to the point and contains no urgency.

8 “I lost a family. I will not lose another” – Diablo, Suicide Squad

Diablo sets off fire explosion in Incubus Suicide Squad movie

Suicide Squad Director David Ayer claimed his vision for the film had a very different tone and better character development. In the released version of the film, the most common criticisms are that the characters are undercooked, despite performing well, and that there is little emotional stake.

One of the film’s few authentic moments comes when Diablo reveals his true strength to engage Enchantress’s brother, Incubus, on an equal footing in a moving sacrifice. However, before that, Diablo provides the above quote. Prior to this moment of selflessness, much of his time with the team consisted of bickering and a single moment of complicity in a bar. Due to the film’s uneven pace, many found its “family” claims impossible to take seriously.

seven “Mr. doctor? – Kaecilius, Doctor Strange

Kaecilius meets Doctor Strange

One of Doctor strangeStrange’s most impressive set pieces come when Strange defends the New York Sanctum against Kaecilius and his minions, despite his inexperience. Before their fight, Kaecilius attempts to speak with Strange, inviting him to introduce himself with “Mister …?”

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Strange (a surgeon) corrects the title, only to have Kaecilius misinterpret his name as “Mister Doctor” and refuse to acknowledge the correction. It’s entirely possible that Kaecilius is just having fun and poking fun at Strange, but the embarrassing situations comedy burst caught a lot of people off guard – and remains one of the best jokes in the movie.

6 “Can you help your aunt create an online dating profile so that she can get out of the house once in a while?” – Aunt May, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Aunt May interviews Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie

For a relatively minor character, Aunt May gained a large number of fans in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse for his discreet humor, his performances and his ability to mark real emotional rhythms.

When the other Spider-People put Miles to the test to see if he’s ready for a mission in Kingpin’s lair, they hit him with a plethora of questions about his abilities. Among the heroes, May asks Miles the above question. It’s an unusual time for her to pile up, and a sort of break with her blunt, tired practicality for most of the film.

5 “Believe it or not Deadpool 2 is a family movie” – Deadpool, Deadpool

Deadpool talks to a criminal via his security camera Movie Deadpool 2

A big part of dead PoolThe appeal of is his signature sense of humor, which includes gratuitous rawness, breaking the fourth wall, and sheer weirdness. As such, many quotes from both of the hero’s films lean towards the weirder end of the spectrum.

The one who takes the cake Deadpool 2 to be a fourth wall-break combined with a complete lie is Deadpool’s monologue at the start of the second film. He claims his ultra-violent superhero flick is for the whole family – a line that immediately turned out to be wrong – and that the sheer weirdness of it is intentionally part of his humor.

4 “Baskin Robbins is still finding out” – Luis, Ant-Man

Luis talks to Scott about his dismissal in the Ant-Man movie

The first part of The ant Man deals with Scott Lang’s attempts to find legitimate employment so that he can pay child support and see his daughter after she is released from prison. As an ex-convict, he struggles and resorts to lying to Baskin Robbins to find a job.

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The store discovers his story and fires him. When Scott says to Luis, he says the above quote. Fun in itself, it’s made funnier by being an exact echo of Scott’s manager. Fans appreciated the strangeness of the idea that Baskin Robbins were top investigators and fondly remember the quote.

3 “You are my gift to this beautiful Hunka Hunka” – Joker, Suicide Squad

Joker offers Harley Quinn to criminal in Suicide Squad movie

Of all the representations of Suicide Squad, Jared Leto’s Joker is perhaps the best known. After the acclaimed days of Heath Ledger, the character was never going to be easy. However, many viewers rated Leto as well below expectations.

While many of his lines are weird, the one that became infamous for its subject matter and delivery was the quote above. Tempting another criminal by offering him Harley, the Joker makes the proclamation in an increasingly exaggerated tone of voice. Therefore, it sums up Leto’s performance flaws perfectly.

2 “Imagine if they were metal” – Magneto, X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Erik Lehnsherr jokes about Logan's claws in X-Men: Days of Future Past movie

X-Men: Days of Future Past is a time travel film. As such, it invites weirdness due to its unusual storyline, and even the characters themselves struggle to keep things clear. However, the weirdest quote from the movie is a simple joke directed at the audience.

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After seeing Wolverine’s claws, Magneto delivers the above line. This is purely for the benefit of the public (considering that Magneto is unlikely to be able to predict what would happen to Wolverine). As a result, the line comes across as an incredibly odd comment to make on someone’s body part.

1 “Save Martha” – Clark Kent, Batman V. Superman

Cark Kent asks Bruce Wayne to save Martha in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie

The end of the titular fight Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the most notorious moments in comic book film history. After an uphill struggle that sees Superman at Batman’s mercy, Batman is about to deliver the killing blow when Superman yells at Bruce to save his mother.

Superman calls his mother by her first name, it’s already weird. Plus, it’s clearly a tortured way of informing the public that Superman and Batman’s mothers share the same name. No less odd is Bruce’s response, which is to pause and ask why Superman would say “Martha.” The fact that the line ends the fight is considered one of the worst plot points of the film.

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