12 Best Movies To Watch As My Policeman


Kevin Smith isn’t someone you typically associate with romance movies. After all, he’s the man responsible for comedy movies like “Clerks,” “Mallrats,” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” However, in 1997, the filmmaker released “Chasing Amy”, a comedy-drama starring Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams and Jason Lee.

Affleck and Lee play Holden and Banky, two friends and comic book artists who meet fellow comic artist Alyssa (Lee) at a convention. Holden immediately falls in love with her, but things get complicated when he learns that she is a lesbian. From there, the dynamic between the three characters only gets more complicated, leading to some major clashes. The situation escalates when Banky uncovers sensitive information about Alyssa’s past.

In terms of queer representation, “Chasing Amy” is far from a perfect movie. He received a fair amount of flak for seemingly confirming the deeply harmful stereotype that lesbians can be “converted” by straight men who try hard enough (per AV Club). However, in recent years some have come to the defense of the film, calling it a messy but complex look at sexuality, jealousy and the law, with more going on than some realized. At its core, it’s a complicated love triangle, much like “My Policeman.” The film was a major financial success and also drew rave reviews from critics.


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