130 Christmas-themed .ie websites registered this year


130 new Christmas-themed domains were registered in the .ie database this year, according to new data released by .IE – the managers of Ireland’s .ie online address.

A total of 706 Christmas-themed domains are registered in the .ie database, suggesting that Irish Christmas-themed businesses are gearing up for another year of digital commerce as many consumers continue to shop. online shopping.

According to the data, some of the most popular festive terms to feature in .ie domain registrations for 2021 include “Christmas”, “Christmas” and “Santa Claus”.

“According to our data, Irish businesses are offering everything from virtual Santa Claus tours to sustainable Christmas trees, party venues and even turkey for your dinner, online this year so Irish consumers are spoiled for choice. local choice, “said David Curtin, Executive Chief of .IE.

For those shopping online this year, Curtin said websites with a .ie address are the easiest way to find businesses with an Irish connection.

“Although it may not be physically located on the island of Ireland, all .ie websites must have a proven connection to Ireland,” he said.

“Additionally, consumers can rest assured that 91% of .ie websites are registered by businesses and individuals who are located here,” he added.

.IE shared the following tips to help consumers shop safely this Christmas:

  • When it comes to shopping for gifts online, shop from trusted retailers and recognizable brands. If you are in doubt, do your research to see if other buyers have the same concerns or have had bad experiences.
  • Before making an online purchase, check the address and location of the retailer.
  • If the prices sound too good to be true, they most likely are. Avoid clicking on unsolicited links and use common sense when it comes to offers and prices.
  • Always research the delivery details so that you know all the costs associated with delivering your items, including taxes and charges.
  • Buy early to avoid disappointment. As Christmas approaches, there can often be delays in receiving items due to increased demand, potential supply issues and delivery delays.
  • Always look for return policies so that there are no surprises or hidden costs if you need to return the item later.
  • Buy websites with addresses beginning with https: // (as opposed to http: //). Simply put, look for the lock icon. The lock icon guarantees the protection of your data and the security of your transaction.

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