14 best online video chat sites to make new friends in 2021



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Online video chat sites have evolved in the best interest of socialization. It’s like thousands of people on a network together, with a common goal of making friends. It makes it so much easier.

So it’s 2021, and if you’re still sticking to traditional ways of socializing, the joke is on you. Therefore, you should definitely try these 14 best online webcam chat sites that will help you make lots of friends.

14 best online video chat sites

Making new friends is easier than you might think. All you need is an adaptive platform. The 14 online video chat sites below will give you the perfect impetus to find the right friends:


Chatspin is a cam to cam chat website. Now there are people who use Omegle Plus, who would think how this site could be different. The truth is, this is indeed a different platform.

Chatspin has been designed with many cool functions and features. These functions are deeply rooted in the very structure of the platform. First, the platform only has real users. Considering the number of fake profiles that we see on general chat sites, Chatspin will seem unreal.

Second, because you see people directly for who they are, there is a lot more action. You don’t spend eons trying to read someone’s profile, what they like and don’t like. In a much simpler way, you can ask them directly.

In addition to the above, there are many other features that definitely set the Chatspin class apart from other platforms:

No waiting time

Chatspin does not have a concept of waiting time. This happens when you are paired up to chat with random strangers. There are always so many people ready to chat, you will always find someone to chat with.

The fun part is you can ignore the people you don’t like. Yes, there is the option to skip people and move on to the next one. There will always be a next person to talk to at all times of the day, so don’t worry about that.

Other reasons why Chatspin is the best

Chatspin makes it easy. You do not need to register on the platform, register, login or create a profile. All you have to do is give Chatspin access to the camera with very basic info.

The next thing you know, you will be discussing your time with people. Additionally, there are no area or location restrictions with Chatspin. You can chat with someone based several miles away from you. Therefore, all these reasons prove that Chatspin is an undisputed leader.


Chatrandom is one of the best alternatives which allows you to randomly chat with strangers. However, you can choose the type of stranger you want to chat with at random. The platform has efficient filtering capability, so you can make the right choice.


Chatki is also a very popular and widely used online chat platform. You will be appalled at how inundated the platform is with users at all times of the day. You will be connected with people instantly.

Emerald cat

As a web-based webcam chat platform, Emerald Chat takes chatting up a few notches. Here, users are assigned a virtual avatar and username. So, it’s practically like living your fantasies in real life.


Chatroulette is a very engaging webcam chat site. It offers its users fun filters and features. Therefore, there are no boring chats with Chatroulette. You can become really affectionate and fabulous. There is no room for inhibition, only pure entertainment.


Camsurf is a very popular cam chat platform. You can make friends and even flirt with random strangers all day. As the platform has a very large user base, you will always find someone to chat with.


Bazoocam remains very simple as a webcam chat platform. You don’t need to register or register. The requirements are minimal and even non-existent. With the most basic information, you can discuss your time with Bazoocam.


Shagle is an addictive camera to camera chat platform. You can chat with people from societies, cultures, and places that are different from your own. You can set the chat filter on T. It is transparent in terms of performance and does not look for any additional or unnecessary information.


Dirtyroulette is a platform for entertaining and flirtatious communication exchanges between adults. Often times, we come across platforms that are not as open and straightforward as we would like. Dirtyroulette combats other platforms with its incredible services.


Coomeet is a nice web service allowing its users to indulge in funny jokes remotely with people all over the world. It is simple to use and does not require any technological prowess. All you need to do is authorize access to your camera and you are ready to video chat.


When using Tinychat, your chat experience becomes better and interesting with multiple video fields. You can see many video streams appearing at the same time. So, despite the overflow of information and people, you will be able to interact with everyone in an orderly and organized manner.


Camzap is also a great alternative for making new friends online. Whether you like participating in group or one-on-one chats, you will get both alternatives on Camzap. It is one of the most laid back, fun, and entertaining platforms for meeting fun, like-minded people.


Flingster is a very popular video chat site for making friends. It allows you to engage in fun jokes, entertaining topics and adventures. You can choose your variables i.e. age, location and type of business you are looking for. Voila, you will have it!


Ome TV is emerging as a very safe place to video chat with strangers all over the world. Its client base has grown considerably in recent years and that is why it is one of the most popular platforms for chatting on cam with strangers.


When using Omegle Plus, you are looking for the company of strangers. When you use the alternatives above, you are using the best platforms to get in touch, interact and have fun with strangers.

So your camera to camera chat can get really interesting and addicting. Just choose the one that suits you the best. All of these platforms have some advantage over the traditional ways of making friends.



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