18 “facts” from 100% false films


The Lion King lied to us.

Movies and television can be a wealth of information.

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For example, I learned that you can’t get your hair wet for 48 hours after a perm The revenge of a blonde, and that there is no publication on the Sunday of Harry Potter.

But some of this knowledge – even when it appears in MANY shows and movies – is downright false.

Here are 18 times that TV and movies have taught us the wrong ‘facts’ and made us look like idiots:


That Twinkies could survive the apocalypse.

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In a myth popularized in films like the land of zombies and show like The simpsonsTwinkies are said to contain so many artificial ingredients that they could last for years.

In reality, their shelf life is 45 days. A class in Maine doing an experiment kept a Twinkie for decades, and although it didn’t collapse, it turned gray and inedible.

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That people only use 10% of their brain.

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This idea was propagated by the action film Lucy.

Every part of the brain has a function, and even simple tasks use well over 10% of the brain – scientists have confirmed this with PET and fMRI machines mapping brain activity.

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That you can be swallowed up by the quicksand.


We’ve seen it on shows like Days of our lives and adventure films like the Indiana Jones movies, but it actually has no basis in reality.

Because people are mainly water, they float even in quicksand – and while you can certainly get stuck, you won’t sink to the point of pulling your head underneath. It’s still dangerous !!

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Than mice and rats love cheese.


It’s been in SO MANY movies and TV shows, but the GIF above is obviously from Ratatouille.

In fact, they don’t like cheese any more than any other food available. The myth may have stemmed from rats often chewing wheels of cheese in people’s cupboards and pantries – but that’s likely simply because it was a large amount of food in an easy-to-reach place. and basting.

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That if you don’t read someone their Miranda rights, they can be released.

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While it is always a major oversight not to read your rights – and it will certainly help your case if you go to trial – it only means that anything you say before being read about your Miranda rights will not be admissible in court.

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The police are not obligated to release you if they have other evidence, which is likely if you have been arrested.


This urine is sterile.

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You’ve probably heard this feeling in movies like Fight Club and Dodgeball – but that’s actually wrong.

Urine is not sterile at all – it has bacteria inside. And you shouldn’t drink it unless you absolutely have to to survive – in which case you should drink it immediately after it leaves your body so that it doesn’t attract other bacteria.

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Likewise, peeing on a jellyfish sting stops the sting.

While it’s possible that some parts of the urine (like ammonia) can help, others (like sodium) can make it worse. Sea water would be better, although it also has salt.

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This lightning will not strike twice in the same place.

He actually often hits in the same place, especially big things like the Empire State Building.

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That wolf packs have an alpha.


This idea is common in pop culture, even among werewolf movies and shows like Teenage wolf.

They do have parents – who are in charge the same way as human parents – but there is no “alpha”, “beta” or “omega” in packs of wild wolves.

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This absinthe can make you hallucinate.

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When I was younger and saw this red Mill scene, I totally thought that if I ever drank absinthe, I too would see a magical green fairy.

Absinthe is like any other very strong drink. It will get you drunk, but this has no hallucinogenic properties – not even then.

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The thujone compound was thought to cause hallucinations – leading to a ban on absinthe and regulations on how many bottles of thujone can hold – but researchers eventually found that no bottle of wormwood contained enough thujone. to cause these types of effects.


These piranhas attack humans and are exclusively carnivorous.

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According to horror movies like Piranha 3D, piranhas are deadly and vicious creatures.

In reality it would be take around 300 to 500 piranhas eating a human, and while there is evidence of piranhas eating human flesh, this is in cases where the person was already dead. Additionally, many piranhas are omnivorous, and some are even vegetarians.

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And that sharks attack humans without provocation.

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Thank you for a lifelong unfounded fear of sharks, Jaws.

Humans are not a part sharks’ natural diet, and they would rather eat something else. Sharks rarely attack humans, and if they do, it may only be because they were curious or confused – studies show that they can mistake humans on surfboards for seals or sea lions.

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This tomb of King Tut has a curse inscribed that threatens anyone who disturbs it.

No such inscription exists now, and it is unlikely that it ever existed. Instead, it appears to be a claim made up by journalists or by Howard Carter excavator to keep people away from the tomb. Similar phrases were used in earlier literature on other graves and tombs, which is likely the source of this information.


Let dying elephants go and die in an “elephant graveyard”.

It is nothing more than a myth. While skeletons are sometimes found in the same location, it is probably because there was softer vegetation there for the older elephants whose teeth were worn out, so they moved to this area when they were about to die, or because the elephants would congregate around the one of the last sources of food during drought or famine when they are dead.


That Philip Schuyler only had daughters.

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Although this is a more recent myth, it has certainly spread as Hamilton (and its filmed version) has taken the world by storm.

Indeed, Philippe had 15 children, although only eight survived to become adults – three of those eight being boys.


That it is scientifically unrealistic that bees (and bumblebees in particular) can fly.

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Bee movie is full of LIES!

If you compare them to an airplane, of course, that doesn’t make sense. Corn bees are not like airplanes at all – they flap their wings back and forth, not up and down, creating small vortices that lift the bees.


That humans, saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths lived at the same time as dinosaurs.

20th century fox

This idea is quite common in cartoons like The Flintstones and Ice Age.

While humans lived alongside saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths, dinosaurs were long extinct by this time (unless you count their evolutionary descendants, birds).

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And finally, this “disregard” is not a word. This a lot is – it just means “whatever”.

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We owe Gretchen to Bad girls excuses.

What other myths perpetuated by the movies were you shocked to find out that they were wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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