6 films to see at the Toronto Black Film Festival 2022


The Toronto Black Film Festival (TBFF) is back and returning to theaters. TBFF 2022 offers a hybrid festival allowing audiences to enjoy black stories both on the big screen and from the comfort of their homes. It offers viewers a chance to come together while capturing some of the most acclaimed Canadian and international works by and about black voices. This year’s lineup includes a Toronto encore of Yasmine Mathurin’s award-winning documentary one of us (one of our picks for the best Canadian movies of 2021), as well as hits from festivals like Sundance.

Of particular note is the “Being Black in Toronto” series, which highlights local talent. At Niya Abdullahi’s Homepagefor example, offers perspective on what it means to be black and Muslim in Toronto in 2022. CJ Mayers’ knowledge is power, meanwhile, examines the failures of the education system to reflect black identities and experiences. At Rennae Byfield’s Born in Sin reflects on motherhood, while KhaRå Martin The idea of ​​the black dollar asks if a Black Wall Street is on the horizon as it follows women entrepreneurs making their way amid COVID. The Local Flavors screen with like-minded shorts from Halifax and Montreal to provide a fuller array of black experiences seen through the eyes of young Canadian filmmakers.

After taking local fare, here are six films to see at this year’s Toronto Black Film Festival, which runs February 16-21. Get tickets here.


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