7 Best Websites For Every College Student


Everyone wants to improve in one way or another. From learning new skills to dealing with our emotions, there’s always something to work on – and ways to grow as a student as well as an individual.

Still, it can be hard to find the time to improve as a student, especially when you have a slew of assignments, exams, and projects to keep up with. In fact, it can seem impossible to dedicate time to anything other than work — not without feeling incredibly guilty about the wasted time, of course.

Continuous learning, however, is an important part of developing as a human being. This refers to “motivated persistence in acquiring knowledge and skills” to “broaden your skills and develop future opportunities”. In short, it’s essential that you keep your brain constantly engaged not only with your study material, but also with the world around you.

Luckily, there are ways to keep learning new skills even when you’re constantly busy. You don’t need to shell out a lot of money either. In a thread that gained traction, Twitter user @UpSkillYourLife described a list of websites that allow you to learn something new without sacrificing too much time, effort or money.

Here’s our pick of the best websites for learning new skills and discovering the world around you when you’re bored or have some free time:

Best Websites to Learn New Skills


Have you ever wished to close your eyes and teleport to a completely different place in the world? Even if you can’t do it yet, MapCrunch offers you the next best thing.

Through this website, you will be virtually teleported to a random location in the world using Google Street View. This way you can explore the landscapes, magical moments or unexpected oddities of 50 countries, all through your laptop.

Astronomy photo of the day

If you want to explore the world, imagine being able to explore the cosmos. NASA publishes a different image or photograph of our universe every day.

Along with that, you’ll get a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer – giving you plenty of room to learn fascinating new facts about the universe we live in.

music theory.net

Want a quick and easy way to learn new skills? music theory.net offers exactly that.

Here you can learn everything you need to know about music theory – from the basics like how to tell one note from another to how to understand rhythm. The website is complete with lessons, exercises and tools to help you become a future maestro.

There are plenty of ways to keep learning new skills even when you’re constantly busy. Source: Hazem Bader/AFP


As a student, there’s no denying that paying for convenience often doesn’t come cheap. It’s here that DoItYourself.com comes in. From fixing your heating to fixing your plumbing, learning new skills is easy on this website – and will benefit you in the long run too.

More than that, he’s complete buyer’s guides on what you need to know when shopping for appliances, electronics, furniture and other essentials.


By now, every student has heard of Duolingo as the best free and effective way to learn a new language. The app works through quick, succinct lessons that are backed by research, allowing you to absorb and develop new communication skills on the go.

The best part? Some countries accept Duolingo tests as proof of your ability to speak a language well – which can be a huge cost when applying for a visa.


With its “mission to build the world’s exercise database”, MuscleWiki is a simple and hassle-free website that helps you stay fit. Here you can find information on what exercises you need and exactly which parts of your body to target to achieve your fitness goals.

MuscleWiki works so well because it gets rid of all the clutter of online workouts. There are no five-minute intros like there are often with YouTube workouts. Instead, you get the information you need right away.

What should I read next?

Choosing a new book to read can be overwhelming, especially with the millions of options available. The trickiest part is finding something you actually want to read.

What should I read next? simplifies this process by giving you recommendations based on what you already like. Just enter a book you like and the website will scan its database of real readers’ favorite works to give you a suggestion of what you should do next.


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