70 Indian government and private websites face international cyberattacks on Prophet Row | India News

HYDERABAD: After al-Qaeda threats, comments against the Prophet Muhammad – by now-suspended BJP spokesman Nupur Sharma – have led to a slew of cyberattacks on Indian websites, both government and private.
Orchestrated by the hacktivist group DragonForce Malaysia, the series of attacks targeted the Indian Embassy in Israel, the National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management and the electronic portal of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, among other online platforms.
In total, the group hacked around 70 websites, not even sparing leading educational institutions such as Delhi Public School, Bhavans and other college groups across the country. In Maharashtra alone, more than 50 websites have been found defaced.
Through audio clips and texts, the group sent a common message – “For you is your religion and for me is my religion”. He also called on all Muslim hackers, all hackers around the world, human rights organizations and activists to start a campaign against India. While Indian authorities managed to restore the website of the Indian Embassy in Israel on Sunday, one of ICAR’s pages was still downgraded.
An analysis of internet archives on Wayback Machine by YOU confirmed that Indian government sites, as well as private portals, were defaced between June 8 and June 12. Security experts said there were attempted breaches of a major bank in India by the same hacktivist group which has more than 13,000 members.
“They are politically motivated hackers and domestic state actors. Defacement attacks are advanced persistent threats for future attacks such as data theft and ransomware attacks against banking and critical infrastructure. When they attacked Israeli sites, they leaked personal data, passport data and VPN credentials of Israeli companies. We should prepare for more cyberattacks,” said a cybersecurity expert. YOU.

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