8 of the most swinging basketball movies


Many basketball-focused movies have been released over the decades. It seems to be the most dynamic and exciting sport to create a story. This sport is featured in many recent stars, including Hustle (2022), The way back (2020), and Amateur (2018)

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Basketball is an exciting sport to watch, whether in a stadium, live on TV, in a documentary series or in a movie. Indeed, this is a complex, fast-paced game that requires hard work and committed teamwork.


‘Hustle’ (2022)

Hustle is a comedy sports drama released in 2022 featuring the great Adam Sandler. It follows a failed basketball scout who struggles to climb the basketball ladder to an NBA coaching career. He is promised the job of his dreams once he finds a future star player.

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During a business trip to Spain, he discovers a street ball player (Juancho Hernangomez) with a lot of potential. This is his chance to return to the NBA, however, he has to put in a lot of hours, money and risk to prove this hot-headed player is one of a kind.

“The Way Back” (2020)

The way backentitled Find the way back in the UK, is a sports drama released in 2020 with Ben Affleck. This movie follows the story of a once phenomenal basketball player turned alcoholic named Jack Cunningham. He walked away from the sport, crushing his chances for a future in the game.

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Years pass as he is pressured to take a coaching job at his old high school where young basketball players struggle. This is his last shot to prove his knowledge and skill in the game and redeem previous mistakes.

“Amateurs” (2018)

Amateur is a sports drama released in 2018 starring Michael Rainey Jr. (Power). This film follows a young basketball player who showed incredible potential in high school, leading a scout to offer a full scholarship to college from now on.

The young player struggles with his personal life during the pursuit of his dream while encountering many barriers where the game is rigged and uses players for their own personal gain. He must learn to focus on the sport and keep his personal life intact before it swallows him whole.

‘Coach Carter’ (2005)

Coach Carter is a dramatic sports film released in 2005. It is based on real events following the story of Coach Ken Carter. It’s a drama where the coach faces a lot of judgment and controversy when he benches his entire high school basketball team.

He benches his players because the whole team broke their academic contract with him. This film features Samuel L. Jackson as a coach trying to get his players on the right track in life, away from crime, and achieve their dreams of becoming professional basketball players.

“Celtic Pride” (1996)

Celtic pride is a comedy sports film released in 1996 starring Damon Wayan, Daniel Sternand Dan Aykroyd. This movie follows two extreme Celtics fans who decide to kidnap the opposing team’s star player in order to secure their team a spot in the championship.

These two fans are the classic sports men… only without common sense. Caught basketball player Lewis Scott is arrogant and loudmouthed, which is Utah Jazz’s only chance to win the game and qualify for the championship.

“Like Mike” (2002)

Like mike is a comedy fantasy sports film released in 2002. This film follows a 13-year-old orphan, Calvin (bow wow), who finds a pair of magic sneakers with the worn initials “MJ” inside. It becomes evident that these initials were Michael Jordan‘s and seem to give the child exceptional basketball skills.

Calvin had been pushed around his whole life until these shoes gave him the skills, speed and confidence to defend himself. He was randomly selected to play one-on-one with professional basketball player Tracy Reynolds, where he got to show off his talent and soon be scouted to play professionally as a child.

‘High Flying Bird’ (2019)

High flying bird is a sports drama released in 2019 starring Andre Holland and Melvin Gregg. This film follows sports agent Ray Burke who places himself in a confrontation between the league and the players. Amid a professional basketball lockout, his career is in jeopardy, but Ray has an alternate plan.

Ray outsmarts power players with the help of rookie basketball player Erick Scott. He discovers a loophole that could change the game forever, and who controls it. This movie is fast-paced, with a unique storyline angle.

‘Hoosiers’ (1986)

Hoosiers is an iconic sports film, released as best shot In some countries. The classic 1986 outing follows a coach with a rocky past and a local town drunk, who decide to form a small-town high school basketball team.

These two coaches aim to make this struggling team the top contender for the championship. The team grows in talent as the coaches also learn valuable life lessons along the way. Coaches and players work as a team in pursuit of their dreams.

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