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In 2010, Owen Wilson starred as Brad Anderson’s iconic comic book dog, Marmaduke. Now, after more than a decade, Pete Davidson has taken on the role in an animated reboot of the same name. While Wilson’s original is essential for fans of the new release.

As the premise largely deals with Marmaduke’s training for a dog championship, viewers can also experience similar pet comedies that highlight not only the hilarity of the animals involved, but also the humans behind them. surround. In fact, in the pantheon of pet comedies, “dog championship” might be an entirely different subgenre, as seen in these movies.


Scoob (2021) – Stream on HBO Max

Shaggy and Scooby in The Falcon Fury at Scoob

The third play scooby-doo The film is an animated account of the misadventures of Great Dane and his team of paranormal investigators. Not only does it stand out as an independent Scooby-Doo movie, it also reboots the narrative of the first two live-action movies. With a sequel already in development, Scoob breathes new life into the memorable character of Hannah-Barbara with 3D animation.

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If there’s a fictional Great Dane who can rival Marmaduke’s popularity, it’s none other than Scooby. Both anime receiving anime franchise reboots, both Scoob and Marmaduke can be good accompanying films.

The King of Staten Island (2020) – Stream on Max Go

Pete Davidson wearing sunglasses, shirtless, hands up against a blue sky.

Usually appearing in adult films and comedy specials, Marmaduke is a fairly unique screen credit for Pete Davidson as it is one of his few children’s films. However, if mature viewers wish to see a more emotional and personal side of the Marmaduke voice actor, then Pete Davidson The King of Staten Island is the perfect option.

Directed by Judd Apatow, the coming-of-age comedy is inspired by Davidson’s younger years and how his father’s death affected him. The movie oozes with honesty as Davidson essentially seems to play himself carefree. However, the film also has its fair share of emotional moments when

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) – Stream on Netflix

Kai in Kung Fu Panda 3

Besides Pete Davidson, another high-profile star who stars in the film is JK Simmons who voices Zeus, Maramduke’s competition rival. Simmons, who is otherwise known for his dramatic roles, has also had his fair share of animated roles with zootopia and Kung Fu Panda 3.

The latter finds Simmons acting as the kung fu panda the character of Kai, a warrior from the spirit realm who first defeats the late master Oogway of the protagonist Po, then seeks revenge in the world of the living. As expected, Simmons carries a certain sense of intimidation and power that contrasts well with the naive Po. Marmaduke if the characters of Davidson and Simmon are compared.

Garfield Gets Real (2007) – Buy on DVD

A Picture of Garfield Gets Real

After 1997 Spawning, Marmaduke Director Mark AZ Dippé has been involved in many animal-centric 3D animated films. Marmaduke isn’t the first comic book character he’s been involved with as he’s already made three direct-to-DVD movies about John Davis’ lazy cat, Garfield.

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The trilogy begins with Garfield gets real which was also written by Davis. The meta-narrative is set in a “comic world” where characters like Garfield are aware that they appear in the comics to entertain humans in the “real world”. Chaos ensues when the cat decides to cross dimensions and enter the world of humans. There’s enough self-aware humor and physical comedy to entertain dedicated Davis comic fans as well as new audiences.

Freeing Mr. Darcy (2016) – Stream On Hoopla

Elizabeth and Darcy stand with dog leashes wrapped around them in Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Free Mr. Darcy plays with a familiar “dog movie” formula by mixing it with Hallmark rom-com tropes. The premise involves a passionate woman who trains her pet dog for an upcoming high-stakes dog show in New York City which is judged by an aristocratic and arrogant dog trainer.

As complications and misunderstandings arise between the two, an unexpected romance blossoms. Except the romantic angle, Free Mr. Darcy has the stuff of movies for dog lovers like Marmaduke.

Show Dogs (2018) – Stream on Netflix

Apart from the usual part of dog competitions, some dog movies also double as crime comedies. Show Dogs combines the two themes to weave a story of dogs acting as undercover agents in such a fancy dog ​​show. Featuring the voice talents of Ludacris, RuPaul and Shaquille O’Neal, Show Dogs has its fair share of silly dog ​​humor that would suit younger audiences who love Marmaduke.

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The central friendship between Will Arnett’s FBI agent and Ludacris’ Rotweiller would also remind viewers of previous “dig-buddy-cop movies” like Turner & Hooch.

Best of the Show (2000) – Stream on HBO Max

Schitt's Creek

Writer-director Christopher Guest has made some of the best mockumentaries of recent times. Best of Show is one of the gems of his filmography as Guest documents the journey of five dog owners to a prestigious dog show.

The ensuing chaos leads to a great improvisational comedy. And laughs aside, the whole mockumentary approach alone helps Best of Show stand out from other dog movies in similar settings. Another reason to watch the film is that its main cast includes Schitt’s Creek former students Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Dog (2022) – Rent on Apple TV+

Channing Tatum as a dog

2022 is quite a year for films involving companion dogs with Marmaduke and the next DC League of Superpets. In fact, earlier this year, a film with the same title Dog also dropped, marking lead actor Channing Tatum’s directorial debut.

The film stars Tatum as a former Army Ranger alongside another former military partner (a Belgian Malinois) as they embark on a road trip across the country. As the adventurous journey unfolds, the film finds the man and the dog finding a common liking for each other. For dog-loving audiences looking for recent dog movies, this movie is a must-have pick.

Marley and Me (2008) – Stream on Apple TV+

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me.

No list of the best dog movies is complete with a quintessential choice like marley and me. The moving story of a happy pup who unexpectedly teaches a human family important life lessons, marley and me is a perfect choice for those who need a break from the usual goofy dog ​​comedies.

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The titular Labrador retriever is funny, caring and would make anyone want a companion dog. Ultimately, even in Marmaduke, the central theme is the dog’s relationship with its human masters. And it’s such a relationship that’s explored in more detail in this 2008 classic.

Underdog (2007) – Stream on Disney+

Canines love Marmaduke are classic outsider characters. They are portrayed as foolish or impulsive, but they always end up achieving their goals in the end. In the case of Underdogthe lead beagle is a literal outsider.

With dogs voiced by Jason Lee and Amy Adams, the comedy feels like a delightful parody of superhero movies. Typical of the origins of many superheroes, Underdog also begins as an ordinary creature who transforms into a caped hero after a freak accident. His chaotic struggles to be a responsible hero are what would impress fans of Marmaduke.

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