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With an increasingly interwoven relationship between branding, marketing and online user experience, it becomes increasingly important to create a cohesive customer experience. There are many touchpoints where a business and a customer interact, and each touchpoint is stored in their memory, constituting their overall perception of a brand.

If some of these touchpoints are weaker than others, it can cloud the tracks of an otherwise strong brand, creating missed opportunities. If a business is focused on strong branding – through fancy stores, fancy uniforms, new vehicles, but their website is an inconsistent mess, then the website lets brand perception drop drastically.

This is exactly why, in this modern age of brand-to-brand touchpoints, it is essential to keep all of your operations high.

The wonders of a complete helping hand

With so many ways to present your brand to your customer and so many areas for improvement, it can be very intimidating to start improving them. If you outsource your marketing work, you will notice that some agencies specialize in the branding business, some agencies are focusing on their SEO niche and PPC marketing. A wide range of website businesses build great websites, but have average SEO performance.

With so many moving parts involving different companies, that means 2 or 3 times more activity than what is actually needed. This means more time spent explaining what you need in meetings and more people to stay in touch with. It becomes nearly impossible to fit that extra work into an already busy day, so things that don’t seem like a direct priority are missed – and this is where things fall apart.

There is certainly room for improvement here. And that’s why an all-in-one turnkey solution is proving so successful here at Digital lime. Over the past few years, Lime Digital has experienced unprecedented growth in a highly competitive digital marketing space. Much of this success can be traced to our holistic approach to the relationship between brands and consumers.

The key is that we don’t narrowly focus on one aspect of a company’s digital marketing mix – we provide the ability to execute every aspect of your marketing consistently.

The main benefits of having all your digital marketing under one roof include:

– A much clearer understanding of your brand, its goals, how it works and how it can be improved.

– Less time spent in meetings, traveling and chatting.

– Save on costs – Having everything in one allows us to bundle offers and absorb the fees that usually cover administrative tasks.


If your business needs any form of creativity, any form of website, or any form of marketing activity, Lime Digital has it covered. Each of these categories feeds on each other, and if all are completed successively, the result is a very strong marketing activity.

Everyone builds their business in a different way, so some of these steps may have been missed on the growth journey. We help you find the missing pieces and add them to your marketing mix, giving you a stronger brand than ever.

The creative side of Lime Digital provides you with all the fundamental ingredients to keep your brand cohesive and consistent. If your brand could use a stronger corporate identity, we can help you with a detailed branding book – giving you clear guidelines on which to run your business. Your color scheme, your choice of font, your logos and the tone in which you communicate all come into play.

If you have employees who interact with customers, it is important that they appear neat and professional – so we specialize in the design and production of apparel to make your team look great.

Brand guarantee is also a key part of your brand. Iconography, team photos, banners, booklets and logos are all essential to your presentation. This often makes or breaks the rest of your marketing activities (like your website), so having a strong collateral pillar to build on is essential.

Another big area of ​​opportunity that many companies overlook to optimize is the quality of your media. Photos and videos make up an incredible amount of your online presence – via websites, via social media, via advertising and everywhere else. If your media is lacking in quality, it sounds like a lack of attention to detail – causing you to lose such an achievable area to master. Our professional video and photography team will provide you with a plethora of new content for your brand to use.


Once you have mastered the basics of your brand, it will help you be much more effective when it comes to the next step – your website.

By far, your website is one of your most important marketing assets. It’s where your potential customers find out about your business, it’s where they can see your products and services, and it’s often their first point of contact with your business.

Everything on your website is under your control, so this is your best chance to leave a lasting positive impression on your visitors. It has been found that 60% of consumers will use a search engine to find a brand’s website during their research phase. It was also found that 98% of people have at some point been dissuaded from their purchasing decision by inaccurate or low-quality content on a company’s website.

This highlights the great importance of having (and maintaining) a neat, high-quality website that provides consumers with a great user experience.

As Auckland Web Designers and Developers, Lime Digital offers a range of website solutions to meet all kinds of business situations.

A great option for our smaller clients is the availability of our template websites. This provides a profitable, high-performing website of a much higher quality than cookie-cutter self-build services can offer. They also support much better SEO considerations and are designed by our in-house design experts.

If you are looking to stand out even more, we can design a completely bespoke website for you. Unlike some website companies that consider SEO after the fact, we create all of our custom websites with fundamental SEO practices in mind which means your website is configured in the best way to attract visitors. from the start.

If your business is ecommerce-focused, we offer in-depth ecommerce versions through Shopify – which include extensive back-end support to make it easier to run your business. These websites are a vital part of the sales funnel, so it’s important that your ecommerce site has a plan in place to keep visitors coming to your site regularly.

Your website has the potential to make or break your business, and when paired with our branding expertise, design expertise, and SEO expertise, we’ve found that we can consistently deliver great results.


Once your brand is set up to be a very neat, cohesive story, and your website presents your business in the best possible way, it’s time to move on to the last piece of the puzzle – marketing.

Marketing is where all of these components come together to get you the results you work so hard for. All the little steps to get to this point now start to add up, and the marketing kicks it off by catching eyes on your brand and visitors to your site.

With great site building, SEO will often be a big part of the equation. Our SEO specialists make sure that everything from alternative image titles to page hierarchy is tailored to give your site the highest possible ranking on Google. We work with you to find your most valuable research keywords and target them with an in-depth SEO content plan to end up with passively coming visitors to your site. The fact that SEO is so closely related to building your website means that when put together you still get a great result for both.

When doing SEO work, it is very common to serve Google Pay Per Click ads as a medium. By working closely with our PPC expert, you will get a clear plan of operations for target keywords, bidding strategy and campaign budgets. Since the top 3 Google search results represent 75% of all clicks, Google Ads at the top of your relevant search results page will make sure leads arrive on your website quickly.

Depending on your audience, social media marketing can be vital to your business presence. We combine the capabilities of our media team, paid advertising team, and marketing team to give your social media the edge they need to stand out on a highly saturated platform. We will work with you to achieve tangible results via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube.

Email marketing and automation remains one of the most popular tools in our digital marketing umbrella. But there’s email marketing, and then there’s email marketing. We don’t get involved in half-heartedly sending unread content to your inbox – we make sure to fine-tune our campaigns to get the right message to the right person, at the right time. Automation helps streamline the entire process and means you can maintain your marketing consistently and easily.

Getting your business to its full potential in a modern age full of digital tools can seem like a daunting and complicated task. And that’s when you have to juggle a range of different agencies at once.

But when you work with Lime Digital, you have expert access to all creative, website, and marketing services under one roof.

Save time by eliminating additional meetings, save costs by consolidating your operations, and make sure your business goals and operations are well and truly understood by your all-in-one marketing partner.

Optimize your marketing operations to work together in synergy with Lime Digital. Contact us today.

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