Common Movies Anywhere Problems and How to Fix Them


Movies Anywhere is a service that allows you to get all of your digital movies from participating studios on major platforms. This allows us Android users to free our digital movies from iTunes purgatory and cross-platform users to get their movies on all their devices. It’s a great idea, but it’s a new service, and like all new services, Movies Anywhere has bugs and issues that it’s trying to fix. Here are the current issues that Movies Anywhere is facing.

My movies are not showing

Movies Anywhere was originally Disney Movies Anywhere, just for the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. Now, Disney has managed to convince other big studios to join them in this endeavor, but it is far from having all the studios on board. here are the studios currently supported on Disney movies anywhere:

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  • Disney
  • Sony Pictures
  • 20th century fox
  • Universal
  • Warner Brothers

Hopefully more studios will see the benefits of Movies Anywhere like these five studios, but until then our digital libraries on Movies Anywhere will be very slightly incomplete. If you’re getting ready to buy a movie from Google Play and want to make sure it’s eligible for Movies Anywhere, look for the Movies Anywhere logo on the list next to the Closed Caption and Family Library badges.

Eligible movies do not sync

When you first connect accounts, it may take a while for your movies to sync, especially if you have a large library. Movies Anywhere has syncing issues between supported retailers, and while unlinking and reconnecting accounts has helped some users sync things quickly, we don’t recommend it.

If you need to move your Movies Anywhere connection from one Google Play account to another, you will have to wait six months between disconnecting the old account and connecting with the new one, because Movies Anywhere only allows you to connect with a only everyone counts. participating digital retailer for 180 days.

If you just bought a movie, give it half an hour to sync it. If you are still having problems, contact Support for Movies Anywhere to help.

Android TV app


Movies Anywhere is available for Android TV now, and it will let you browse your library. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stream any movies or bonus content, which makes it pretty pointless. Hopefully the app will be patched soon, but by then Movies Anywhere supports Chromecast, so you’ll have to use it instead.

Special features and missing / mislabeled

Some movies, especially the Disney Movies Anywhere movies, seem to lack a lot of special features, and a lot of special features are not labeled, leaving you only a screenshot to guess. The database will hopefully be cleaned up and properly labeled over time, but if you notice anything wrong with your special features, be sure to contact Movies Anywhere support so they know what’s going on. ‘they have to correct.

Your experience

How was your experience with Movies Anywhere? Let us know your comments and concerns in the comments!


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