Educational tools and websites to improve literacy skills


The apps and websites listed here offer great ways for students to improve their spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills. By leveraging the interactivity and audio-visual of digital media, these tools provide engaging experiences that encourage children to explore words and develop literacy. Whether practicing spelling with games or building vocabulary with flashcards, these resources will help students develop essential literacy skills.

Reading for beginners

Reading is a complex process that looks different for every child. However, there are general tools and resources that can help with various aspects of reading, from phonemic awareness to improving comprehension skills. Some of these materials even offer diagnostic tools to identify areas that may need attention. By using a combination of these resources, you can help your students improve their reading skills.

ABC Duolingo

Duolingo ABC is a great way to learn the alphabet. The app begins by teaching basic letter shapes and their formation. Then it moves on to simple words that can be formed with those letters. After that, he builds more complex words and sentences. There are also games and activities included to help reinforce what is learned. Upon completion, users will be able to read and write basic sentences in their language of choice.

Addicted to phonetics

The app starts by teaching the basics of phonics, such as letter sounds and simple words. As you progress, the lessons become more difficult, covering topics such as vowel combinations and advanced spelling rules. There’s also a fun reading feature that lets you practice your new skills by reading with audio narration.

One of the best things about Hooked on Phonics is that it’s not just for kids. The program includes a parent’s guide that provides tips and resources to help your child succeed. There is also a progress tracker so you can see how your child is progressing through the lessons.

Phonics or the sound side of speech

Phonics is an important skill for early reading and writing. These free and paid favorite phonics tools help students learn words by developing their phonemic awareness and spelling skills. They provide interactive experiences that encourage children to explore words and develop their literacy. Audio-visual digital media helps children play and experiment with letter sounds.

ABC of falling stars

Starfall ABCs is a great way for kids to learn the alphabet in a fun and interactive way. The games and activities are engaging and entertaining, making it a great learning tool for kids of all ages. If you are looking for an educational app for your child, Starfall ABCs is a great option.

Teach your monster to read

Teach Your Monster to Read is an effective way for young children to learn to read. It’s also very fun and engaging, making it a great choice for kids who might get bored with more traditional learning methods. There are mini-games that help teach specific reading skills, such as identifying rhyming words or finding words in clutter.


There are many apps available that can help English language learners improve their spelling skills. These apps often use games and quizzes to help students learn new words and understand how parts of words fit together. It can also help with grammar skills. Having good spelling skills can also improve vocabulary and reading comprehension. Custom lists can be created to target specific words a student may need to practice.

Avokiddo ABC Tower

It is an exciting and fun app for young children. It helps them learn the alphabet while having fun. The app is designed to be easy to use and understand. It is also ideal for helping children develop their motor skills.

word helper for kids

The Word Wizard for Kids app is designed to help children aged 4-8 to expand their vocabulary and learn new words. The app progresses through different levels, each becoming more and more difficult, and also tracks the words your child has learned and forgotten so you can revisit them later.


There are great apps and websites that can help students learn new vocabulary words in an engaging way. These tools can provide support to help students understand the definitions, uses and meanings of words. Using audio aids, flashcards, context, and smart gameplay, these resources can help students deepen their knowledge of vocabulary words. There are also resources available for teachers to create activities, lessons and assessments to help keep children’s vocabulary skills on track.

Endless Word Games: School Edition

The app is a great game to practice spelling, vocabulary and writing. The object of the game is to make as many words as possible using the given letters. There are three difficulty levels to choose from, so the game can be challenging for everyone. The graphics are colorful and attractive, and the gameplay is fast and engaging. This is a great game for kids who want to improve their language skills.

Reading in primary school

If you want your elementary school kids to get excited about reading, you need to give them access to the best reading apps and websites. These tools allow children to explore their interests while developing their literacy skills. Whether they’re reading grade-level news, finding books online, taking assessments, or monitoring their progress, students will develop essential comprehension and fluency skills.


Bookopolis is a website that connects young readers with books that match their interests and abilities. Bookopolis offers a wide variety of books for children of all ages, ranging from easy books to chapter books. With so many great titles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect book for your child.


Digital tools have increased the number of ways students can tell their stories. There are many great digital storytelling apps and sites that allow children to create traditional storybooks or more modern stories and visual presentations. These tools help children find their unique voice as storytellers, creators, speakers and individuals.

My Story School eBook Creator

My Story School is an e-book creator for kids that allows them to create their own e-books. It’s a great way for kids to learn about writing, storytelling, and digital editing. My Story School is easy to use and it’s free.

Kids can create their own stories and illustrations, and add audio narration. Once they’re done, they can share their eBooks with family and friends. My Story School is a great way for kids to express themselves and learn about technology.

In writing

By getting children to write from an early age, we can help them develop the skills they need to succeed in any subject. Writing regularly will improve their abilities and enable them to communicate what they have learned more effectively. It will also help them learn essential social skills. Providing your students with these resources will give them a head start in writing and sharing their ideas.


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