Get in shape with the help of these 5 free fitness sites


In addition to this section of articles, we will also find another with podcast that we can listen to through the main platforms such as ivoox or Spotify. On the main page of the website we will also find direct access to information

As the name of this site suggests, Women’s Fitness is for women. On this website we will also be able to find all kinds of content related to fitness, as well as other content related to beauty and well-being or nutrition.

The website has a search engine on the right side of the screen with which we can search for those that interest us. We are going to see one of the most complete sections of this website in the recipes tab, where you can find delicious healthy food with which to accompany our exercise routines.

MundoFitness is another very good website that we can go to if we are interested in fitness. On this site we will find the most popular articles on the cover that it has in its extensive catalog, as well as the most recent and fashionable ones.

At the top of the web we will also find all the content available on this page, divided into sections so that we can find the content we are looking for much more easily. The site is updated from time to timeit is therefore worth checking it very often.

AtopedeGym is a great website, especially if what we are looking for is exercise tables or some of them that we don’t know about. To do this we will only have to go down a little and we will find all these routines divided by areas of the body so that we can work our body by muscle groups.

In each of these exercise sections we will find information on how to work each muscle of our body, as well as explanatory videos of each exercise so that we can do them correctly and without hurting ourselves. In addition, these sections also add exercises that are not so common so that we can vary our workouts.

We close the list of fitness websites with another very interesting website. Changing Physics has a huge number of entries under its belt divided by objectives lose fat, gain muscle or whatever our goal is when we start exercising.

If, for example, we go to the “By muscle” section and choose one of those that appear in the drop-down menu, we will find multitude of advice so that we do the exercises of said muscle as well as possible. In addition, in this section we will also find different routines depending on our objectives.


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