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‘Deformed. Depraved. Deadly.’
Hideous! – a.k.a Deformed Freaks – is a 1997 American science fiction horror film produced and directed by Charles Band from a screenplay written by Neal Marshall Stevens [as Benjamin Carr] (DevilDolls; Thir13en Ghosts; The killer eye; Householder). The Full Moon Features production stars Michael Citriniti, Rhonda Griffin and Mel Johnson Jr.

A rival group of collectors of the preserved corpses of severely deformed bizarre humans and the FBI agents investigating them must contend with some of their collections that aren’t as dead as they seem…

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“…a weird, sordid, horribly good time. Its plot is both simplistic and outrageously bizarre. […] movies like Hideous! rely heavily on the cast being in on the joke, and everyone here seems to really get it. They’re all delightfully over the top, chewing up scenery for the duration of the film. Slasher Cinema

“The creatures look disgusting, but they don’t really scare you and bring no pleasure to the show. The story isn’t engaging, the actors are bad, and there are too many scenes of the two rival collectors trying to convince these creatures who they should belong to and it’s just a big bore.

“…these are puppets that would even be considered low budget by Full Moon standards, they don’t do much.” Instead, they spend most of the back half of the film hiding behind chairs and tables, standing in the shadows and gawking at what’s going on. It was a bit mental

“Common sense, reason and logic go out the window. These are meant to be throwaway movies, devoid of any narrative structure, coherence, or melodramatics and instead focus on ideas that deliberately make the movie cheesy and campy. I guess that works to some extent – ​​it just doesn’t make for good viewing. Pictures of popcorn

“Mark Rappaport’s Animatronic Creatures (300) are stiffer than David Allen’s stop motion effects (puppet master), and Richard Band’s notation (castle monster) is competent but mediocre. The end product is quite fun if it’s light and predictable. DVD Beaver

“The film does the right thing and doesn’t take itself too seriously, the dry, witty humor that is sprinkled throughout helps the pacing and even though the main focus of the story is the Shakespearean rivalry of collectors monsters, monsters strewn enhance this gift a cause for applause and laughter in the film British Horror Scene

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Cast and characters:
Michel Citriniti … Doctor Lorca – Demonic toys: personal demons; high graveyard; love psychology
Rhonda Griffin … Elvina Shaw – naked fear; goosebumps
Mel Johnson Jr. … Napoleon Lazar – The Munsters today; Total recall
Jacqueline Lovell … Sheila
Tracie May … Belinda Yost
Jerry O’Donnell … Detective Leonard Kantor
Andrew Johnston … Martin – The French Farm
Mircea Constantinescu … Alf
Alexandru Agarici … Dougie

Filming locations :

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