Hollywood profits from bad movies that inspire good memes – The Betoota Advocate



In the aftermath of the spicy cough and the last people who care about the Oscars being ironed film students, Hollywood adopts a new formula for guaranteed success.

For the past eight years, US-based film studios have taken about as much of a risk as a homeschooled child on vacation in Adelaide, only churning out films that are in a cash cow well-established franchise.

Recently, while the studios were still sticking to their guns like a Republican after a wank, they challenged the formula by making shocking films that produce absolute gems of memes.

For example, Morbius is a super villain origin story starring Jared Leto, paying homage to the early 2000s era of comic book movies that weren’t so bad they were good but rather so bad that drinking your own bile through a hole in your stomach might be a nicer alternative.

Despite widespread calls for the entire production team to be forced into some form of community service, the film led to highly acclaimed memes such as “It’s Morbin’ Time”.

Similarly, a sequel to a movie called Dr Strange was also memeed for having clever characters who lacked common sense while the minion origin movie prompted swarms of youngsters to show up at the cinema in full gear.

“God, I wish that could have been a trend when we released Mortdecai,” said a movie executive who was a few ironic sights away from paying for his son’s people-smuggling yacht.

“People could have come to the cinema dressed as a pile of shit!”


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