Interior designers reveal the most common design mistakes


Do not add personal touches

You want your home to be beautiful and well designed, but you also want it to look like, well, your residence. Only buying the furniture and decor pieces that you see in the store can leave your house a little cold, as if something is missing. Adding personal touches is the way to make a space stand out. “There is a way to make your home stylish and incorporate details and touches that reflect your personality or the people who inhabit that space,” says interior designer Diana Weinstein. “I like to do this by adding books, artwork or accessories that reflect the owner of the house. I ask clients what interests them, maybe they like the beach or nature, so I could add some nice table books on nature or the outdoors, photography and plants. ”

Basically you want to feel happy and comfortable when you walk into a room. “The point to remember: it’s not how much you have to spend, it’s more your imagination and the fact that you feel free to create an environment that nourishes you and makes you happy every time you walk in,” Jernigan explains. . “Found objects, craft projects and upcycling often lead to the most memorable … and satisfying spaces for their occupants.”


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