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DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, December 1, 2021 / – The ambient grace and style of the luxury brand Lantower Residential is reflected on every page of its new website presence at The website offers super fast page loads and the detailed navigation directs traffic seamlessly to company and community information. Employees can connect directly to the employee portal and residents to their respective community sites. A convenient link is designated for investor review with details of the current performance of the shares.

Apartment buyers are presented to a location map under the Communities tab where they can click on the desired location and price range or filter a detailed search. A sliding panel presents useful rental information and an overview of available floor plan thumbnails with prices and invitations to receive text communications, schedule a visit, call or visit the community website.

Individual community websites are full of helpful calls to action, 3D floor plan details available for specific units, search filters, chat, photo gallery, videos, tours to 360 degrees of common amenities and a map of neighborhood points of interest with location function. Behind the public pages there is a very sophisticated editing toolkit which handles 18 update areas plus an online page editor which will perform live updates. Users can create banners and landing pages to drive targeting traffic in response to specials, events, lead-on-click capture, or other campaigns. There is a special option where users can revert to previous page versions to undo changes, pages can be deleted, and page styles can be revised. Instagram posts can be integrated directly into the website. A preview is available from the content management system.

Spherexx has developed sophisticated website content management systems for its clients over the years with custom programming solutions for each company’s unique purpose, whether it’s a business-to-business intranet, thermal mapping and recording of guests, recruiting or other topics.

IN REGARDS TO SPHEREXX.COM® Advertising agency | Software development® is an advertising agency, software developer and business intelligence provider who has served multiple industries in the United States and Canada since 2000. Spherexx has offices in Tulsa OK and Dallas TX, providing custom software and ready-to-use and marketing solutions.

The Spherexx software stack uses data generated by Spherexx and the APIs of a customer’s software of choice to deliver new efficiencies and minimize friction for our customer’s teams and the public interfacing with our customer’s brands. Spherexx improves day-to-day operations by orchestrating and managing the “end-to-end” brand experience for employees and apartment buyers, as well as maximizing profits for property stakeholders. Spherexx leverages a customer’s existing business processes with real-time data and BI dashboards for all levels of management. Proprietary technology stack includes: website content management software, online website editor, digital asset management storage, forms builder, customer relationship management (CRM), system management software, competitor market research, asset inspection application, and revenue management software.

The Spherexx marketing stack begins with brand management, lead management, sales performance training, point-of-sale analysis, market intelligence, customer and employee support tools and services. . Spherexx offers a comprehensive suite of services and software to support customers’ unique business goals and objectives. This suite includes branding, creation, website development, ad syndication, chatbots, mass messaging, drip campaigns, video production, document management, applications mobiles for sale / rental, help desk, commission tracking, learning management software, competitor marketing analysis, marketing research and engine optimization, PPC, social advertising, kiosks at touchscreen, tablet point-of-sale app, ADA website compliance, privacy and award-winning customer support.

Spherexx integrates third-party software and marketing services to optimize operational and financial efficiency. Customers can customize any workflow to give a competitive edge in the market and better control over profit margins.

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