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Crime comedy by Stephen Merchant The Outlaws drew rave reviews for its dark humor and talented ensemble. The cast is led by veteran Christopher Walken, showrunner Merchant and a host of other British actors. Some of the cast members are on the rise while others are already well established in the UK TV and film industry.

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The actors’ diverse work experience goes hand in hand with their characters in The Outlaws. Even though the group of misfits are brought together by a common cause, they still have distinct personalities that are conjured up by their respective cast members.

ten Christopher Walken – The Deer Hunter (1978)

Christopher Walken in Deer Hunter Russian Roulette Scene

Christopher Walken has a diverse range of on-screen credits ranging from his appearance in pulp Fiction to a recent TV role like Apple TV+ Breakup. The most prominent star of The Outlawsa quintessential film in his filmography is The deer hunter for which Walken managed to land a Supporting Actor Oscar.

Considered one of the best Vietnam War films, The deer hunter deals with the life of a group of friends before and after the war. The traumatic sequel is perfectly evoked with performances from Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, and of course, a young Christopher Walken. The Russian roulette scene with Walken pointing a gun to his temple characterizes the film to this day.

9 Stephen Merchant – The Office UK (2001-2002)

Gareth and David stand next to a tall man in The Office UK.

As has been the case with most of Stephen Merchant’s previous works, Merchant serves as showrunner as well as a cast member on The Outlaws. Best known as a collaborator on the work of Ricky Gervais, the British comedian helped create the original British version of the sitcom Office.

The legendary British comedy series dealt with the day-to-day affairs of a paper company as its workers faced the brunt of arrogant Gervais boss David Brent. Merchant also played a secondary character Oggy in the second season who is also best friends with Gareth Keenan (the UK counterpart of Officeby Dwight Schrute).


8 Rhianne Barreto – Share (2019)

Rhianne Barreto in Share HBO

Rising actress Rhianne Barreto plays Rani in The Outlaws, a talented midshipman from Oxford who also happens to be a kleptomaniac. Before The OutlawsBarreto burst into his film career with the 2019 coming-of-age drama Share.

The HBO film is about a teenage girl who finds a stalked video of her in an unconscious state. As she tries to uncover the mystery behind the video, she also has to deal with ostracism from her family and peers. The film was praised by critics and audiences alike for its sensitive depiction of grim realities and Barreto’s engaged central performance.

7 Darren Boyd – Spy (2011-2012)

Darren Boyd sitting in a chair with his legs on the table in Spy

Darren Boyd, the actor who plays unsuccessful businessman John in The Outlaws, has already starred in various British comedies. If there is no lack of supporting roles, To spy provided one of his memorable lead roles.

A satire on the spy genre, Boyd plays Tim, a man on the verge of a midlife crisis who is unexpectedly hired as an MI-5 agent. Tim’s hilarious misadventures in this new role as a trainee spy form the rest of the premise. Spy is a good choice for fans of beloved British spy movies like Johnny English or smarter satire shows like slow horses.

6 Eleanor Tomlinson – Poldark (2015-2019)

Jack the giant slayer star Eleanor Tomlinson plays socialite Gabby in The Outlaws. Her most popular TV role before that would be as Demelza Poldark in the BBC series Poldark.

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Set in the 18th century, the historical drama begins with the return of an army captain after the American Revolutionary War. Unhappy with the changes at home, he falls in love with his housekeeper Demelza and decides to start a new life. The ups and downs of their ensuing romance shape the rest of the story.

5 Clare Perkins – The Wheel of Time (2021-)

Kerene looks worried in The Wheel of Time

2021 turned out to be quite a year for Clare Perkins who played a major role not only in The Outlaws but she also played one of the most powerful characters in The wheel of time.

Based on the novel series of the same name by Robert Jordan, the series stars Rosamund Pike as a woman called Moiraine who sets out to find five magical humans capable of changing the fate of the world. Clare Perkins also joins the cast as Kerene Nagashi, a member of the organization called Aes Sadai of which Moiraine is also a member. True to the tradition of the books, this collective of women can challenge the mystical magick known as One Power.

4 Dolly Wells – Dracula (2020)

Dolly Wells as Agatha Van Helsing in Netflix's Dracula

Christopher Walken’s Frank is an American who lives in England with his daughter Margaret – who is played by Dolly Wells. Viewers might recognize Wells from shows like Blunt talk, some girlsand more recently, the Netflix adaptation of Dracula.

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A three-episode miniseries from Sherlock creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Dracula dealt with the titular vampire’s clashes with vampire hunters in different eras. Wells was one of the protagonists playing Sister Agatha Van Helsing, the show’s version of the original Van Helsing. Wells also appears as her descendant, Dr. Zoe Van Helsing. This casting serves as a pretty subversive move on the otherwise oversaturated character.

3 Jessica Gunning – Pride (2014)

Two women standing together and smiling in pride

Jessica Gunning plays Diane, the main characters’ community service supervisor. Along with a plethora of TV credits, Gunning has also had supporting roles in a few films.

In the mighty LGBTQ+ movie Pride, she plays a member of a women’s union who helps gay rights activists and other trade unionists protest against the government. The film is set against the backdrop of the 1984-85 miners’ strike, a movement supported by Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM). Gunning’s character, Siân James, is a real life personality who became a Welsh Labor Party politician and MP in the 2000s.

2 Ian McElhinney – Derry Girls (2018-)

Grandpa Joe looks up in Derry Girls

In The Outlaws, John’s father, John Sr, is played by Ian McElhinney. But that’s not the Northern Irish actor’s only popular role as an aging parent. On the Irish comedy series Derry Girlshe plays Joe McCool aka “Granda Joe”.

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Grandfather to two of the titular daughters, he constantly mocks their father Gerry who, more often than not, doesn’t come back to Joe’s wild burns. The show otherwise deals with the aftermath of the Irish Troubles and their effect on ordinary Irish people. The satirical writing and performances of actors such as McElhinney have made Derry Girls a cult favorite.

1 Nina Wadia – Strictly Come Dancing Season 19 (2021)

Nina Wadia dances in Strictly Come Dancing

Rani’s mother is played by Nina Wadia, an established British television and film actress who is also a recipient of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Apart from her usual roles, she recently tried her hand at reality television with Come dance strictly.

A contestant on the nineteenth season of the dance reality series, she competed with professional dancer Neil Jones. Even though the pair were the first to be eliminated, it turns out to be a highlight of Wadia’s diverse career. His other appearances include EastEnders, bend it like Beckhamand Skins among others.

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