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The Chinese New Year is fast approaching, starting on February 1, 2022 and ushering in the Year of the Tiger. This celebration, also known as Lunar New Year in other Asian countries, takes place over a two-week period for the chance to be home with the family until the Lantern Festival concludes. events and signals that it is time to return to work and reap what the year brings. These six films from Chinese studios send joy and culture straight from the source, from light-hearted fairy tales to animations of China’s oldest and greatest heroes.


Movie Nezha

Variations of the warrior Nezha’s feats are common in Chinese homes and he appears in both textual and oral traditions dating back hundreds of years. The usual elements of Nezha’s story are his ‘Wind-Fire Wheels’ for transportation, his flaming spear, a cocked belt, and a distinctive hairstyle. In 2019, Beijing Enlight Pictures released the animation Nezha, which tells the story from another angle. In this version of the tale, a Pearl of Chaos appears and a celestial official splits it into a spirit pearl and a demonic orb. The spirit bead is supposed to be given to warrior Li Jing’s wife, to be reincarnated through her child, but by trickery she ends up with the demonic orb instead, which gives birth to the demonic child Nezha. The Spirit Orb ends up in the hands of the Underwater Dragons, who bless one of their eggs to hatch classic Nezha enemy Ao Bing. The two grow up not knowing each other as Nezha’s parents and teacher all try desperately to keep him out of trouble in defiance of his demonic nature and free from the cruel fate he is bound to.

Nezha can be streamed on Netflix.

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Jiang Ziya: Legend of Deification

Jiang Ziya is the next installment of classic Chinese tales from Beijing Enlight Pictures. Jiang Ziya’s story is more serious than Nezha’s, the world’s most weary protagonist, with good reason. The film begins with what made Jiang Ziya a hero, then quickly usurps that position. In a terrible war, the Fox clan tried to take over the human kingdom, but Jiang Ziya managed to defeat and capture the nine-tailed fox and brought her to heaven for execution, which should have done of him a god in reward. However, just as she was about to die, Jiang Ziya spotted a girl that Kyūbi is possessing and preventing the killing blow. He is banished for allowing Kyūbi to escape. The film’s real plot picks up ten years later when Jiang Ziya, living on the very edge of society, has a chance encounter with a young vixen who is determined to find her father despite having virtually no memories. His initial distrust of a fox and his insistence on accompanying him becomes much more than playing babysitter as forces that have been dormant for a decade begin to awaken.

Jiang Ziya can be streamed for free on Tube, Vudu, or streamed on Amazon Prime.

white snake

movie The White Serpent

The Legend of the White Serpent is considered by many to be one of the four great Chinese folk tales. Although once a much more black-and-white tale of evil demons and heroic humans, the story has morphed into a romance over the centuries, with a white serpent demon falling deeply in love with a human man. There are many variations of the story, but in the movie white snake, the story begins with the snake demon sisters Blanca and the green snake Verta, about to separate so that Blanca can go on an assassination mission. Plans go awry and she loses her memory and is fished out of the water by Xuan, who lives in a village whose purpose is to catch snakes for the general she was supposed to assassinate. Xuan and Blanca attempt to restore her memories, but the General is on the move and Verta is determined to save her sister, while the boundaries meant to keep demons and humans from bonding crumble between Xuan and Blanca.

white snake can be rented on YouTube, Vudu and other streaming services.

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green snake

Green Snake Movie

green snake, also known as White Snake 2: The Tribulation of the Green Snake, is the companion film to Blanca’s tale, this time focusing on her sister Verta when the sisters are once again separated. Blanca has given birth and the sisters attack the residence of the Bahai monk in order to recover the father. However, Blanca is captured and imprisoned in the pavilion, and Verta is sent to the city of purgatory – Asuraville. Here, Verta is stripped of her demonic powers and struggles to survive in this land that is more madmax than the lush landscapes of White snake. She is forced to interact with a number of uneasy allies, such as fox demons and men who do not reveal their faces. However, Verta is determined to escape Asuraville and go save her sister, so she will have to accept all the help she can get if she wants to have a chance.

green snake can be streamed on Netflix.

Little door gods

Little door gods

Little door gods located at The Guardian Brothers focused on the integration of the old gods and the modern way of life, the gods who worked with humanity now suffering, being forgotten and going on strike because of the way humanity forgets the old ways. When Raindrop’s grandmother dies and leaves behind her recipe with a request to save her soup shop, Raindrop and her mother send a prayer to the heavens, where she is spotted by pious brothers Shen Tu and Yu Lei. Yu Lei is ecstatic about going to help a human one more time, but his brother warns him, and it is soon announced that all gates to the human realm will be sealed. This triggers an adventure with the brothers, Raindrop, and various other gods that will threaten the existence of the spirit world if a balance is not struck.

Little door gods can be streamed on Netflix.

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The Legend of Hei

The Legend of Hei

In a film that manages to maintain the Ghibli-esque charm despite a significant increase in action, The Legend of Hei is the story of a little cat spirit trying to navigate the modern human world. Hei has no guardian or permanent home, so when he meets the Stormend spirit, he quickly settles down, along with his fellow spirits Void, Bamboo, and Brush Tiger, all of whom are looking for a place to live they didn’t accept. the spread of mankind. However, the day after Hei’s invitation to stay, a human enforcer from the Spirit Guild arrives. Hei is captured by the enforcer, Infinity, who is determined to bring him to the guild. Whether they can pull it off will depend on Hei’s ability to trust a human and how well he can learn the powers he has and use them for the right purpose.

The Legend of Hei can be streamed for free on the Roku channel.

From adaptations of ancient tales to modern stories of the gods, these films are the perfect way to get into the Chinese New Year spirit and usher in the prosperity of the Year of the Tiger, perhaps while learning something about the vast and dynamic from China. mythology. Happy Chinese New Year to all who celebrate it.

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