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I’ve always loved classic American horror. The over-the-top slapstick humor combined with the “I wouldn’t do that” moments are fantastic. Plus, the atmosphere is generally electric, and the characters and their relationships are gorgeous. The career replicates this with its phenomenal and often suspenseful plot.

Developped by Supermassive games and published by 2K, it is a cinematic title of horror. It can be enjoyed solo or online as you unravel a mysterious and gruesome story. In The career, your decisions, even minor ones, change the plot. Therefore, you need to think about your choices and live with the results.

The career will freak you out.

Although the narrative is not so original, you will still experience a chilling and thrilling story. The well-paced action unfolds across 10 chapters, and each one varies in length and level of interaction. As the plot progresses, you control one of the 9 camp counselors. These unfortunate teenagers must try to survive all the hardships they face.

The action revolves around Hacketts Quarry and the children’s school camp it hosts. Luckily for the kids, they’re long gone before the brutal, hellish action is unleashed. 9 unique protagonists star in this cliched and familiar slice of American horror. Each of these offenders is sexually charged, opinionated, and sometimes annoying. Yet they love each other and that’s what could potentially save them.

As the chapters pass and horrific events unfold, you see new relationships forming. After all, when mysterious monsters, hillbillies and more want to ruin your day, only your wits and friends can save you.

Maybe you should listen to this guy.

I want to get involved!

The career is a cinematic masterpiece. As such, you might be worried that it’s more voyeuristic than interactive. However, fear not, as the developers have balanced the action brilliantly. With gripping cutscenes, a plethora of game-changing decisions, fast-paced events, and tons of exploration, you’re truly in for a treat.

The amount of variety and multi-tiered branches keep you hooked. Subsequently, it is a difficult match to ask. On top of that, the characters are excellent, boring, and wonderfully endearing. Whether you try to save them all or plot to have one killed is entirely your choice. Whatever you decide, you’ll love how it changes the plot and group dynamics.

Quick events and exploration.

QTEs are becoming more and more common. The career uses them alongside dialogue to alter the course of the story. Fortunately, however, they lack complexity and, therefore, are easy to perform. Whether it’s selecting a direction on the analog stick, mashing the A button, or holding your breath, it’s all simple. Then there are the weird combat encounters that are no more complicated than point and shoot.

Now, you may be discouraged by this, but don’t be. QTEs are always important and require quick reactions. In addition, it allows to focus on the story and the characters.

Another key element that has a silent Hill edge was exploration. Walking through the eerie woods with dim light was incredibly unnerving. Plus, the spooky world needs to be thoroughly investigated for clues and tarot cards (more on those in a bit). If you lack information, it may impact your decision-making at a later stage. Therefore, a watchful eye and a patient approach are a must.

What does the future hold?

When your decision may have life-changing ramifications, a little warning is a good thing. As a result, that’s where the aforementioned tarot cards come in. Each of the 10 chapters contains a bunch of these hidden collectibles in plain sight. With eerie images and secret meanings, these magic cards unlock a vision for the next chapter. Of course, you don’t have to search, but this snippet from the future could save a life! So surely a sneaky spike isn’t a bad thing?

While the characters, explorations, and enduring brown pants moments are fantastic, the piece de resistance is the decision-making. Will you choose to investigate strange noises or hide inside? Do you help your friends fight, or do you run and save yourself? Will you keep the weapon or sacrifice the weapon? These are just a few of the decisions you will think about. No matter how insignificant something seems, it’s likely to affect you sooner rather than later. Therefore, the interactivity makes you buy into the story and keeps you hooked throughout.

The career looks amazing!

With cinematic action at its heart, The career must have looked amazing. However, I was blown away by the presentation. For the most part, it’s noticeably lifelike and extremely lifelike. Plus, its eerie atmosphere, camera angles, and dim lighting create a spooky atmosphere. Yet I still have my complaints. At times, the cutscene feels disjointed and poorly cut. This can be seen when the characters are moved slightly or the background has minor differences. Additionally, there are issues with the character’s hair and some minor lighting issues. On top of that, the character’s movement can feel robotic and clunky.

Fortunately, these issues are masked by the excellent story and amazing audio. Thanks to the outstanding cast of actors, that of the career the dialogue is warm, fun, heartfelt and well-paced. It helps you dislike or sympathize with each of the protagonists and it greatly enhances the experience. Moreover, the soundtrack and sound effects are brilliant. The music captures the summer camp vibes as well as the spooky moments. Along with that, the sound effects are haunting, prickly, and extremely uncomfortable.

Love them or hate them, but you are responsible for their lives.
Life will never be the same for these young partygoers.

Responsive and thoughtful controls.

Although the movement of the character was a bit jerky, it didn’t spoil the game. Thanks to its responsive and well-thought-out controls, it’s very easy to play. The simplicity of the QTEs and the labeling of key elements enhance the experience. Playing isn’t too demanding, and it lets you focus on the story and the horrors that unfold.

With plenty of paths to take, collectibles to find, and multiplayer to try, there’s longevity and replay value. Also, trying to keep everyone alive or kill everyone is no small feat. While each playthrough isn’t incredibly long, there’s enough depth to keep you going from start to finish.

The career is a must-have title.

The career will appeal to a wide audience. With an excellent story, incredible characters, brilliant cutscenes, and countless subplots, this is a must-have title. From the start, you’ll be addicted to its creepiness and it never goes away. Plus, it captures everything great about old-school American horror. It is for these reasons that I recommend that you buy it here! Helping to run a camp is supposed to be fun. However, laughter quickly stops when your life is in danger. Work together or race to save your life trying to survive.


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