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Steven Spielberg is not only synonymous with cinematic entertainment, but he is also at the origin of the entry of many children in the passion of the seventh art. One of the most famous directors of all time, the artist took the concept of the celebrity director to a whole new level, reigning in absolute and unprecedented ways during the 1980s, the birthplace of blockbusters.

Spielberg arrived with the revolutionary wave that took Hollywood by storm in the 1970s, being part of the movement that included filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas and Brian De Palma, all of his colleagues to this day. But of the package, only Spielberg transcended being “just” a director, becoming a film entity. Indeed, he mixed the popular entertainment cinema like no other (notably by being the “father” of the first blockbuster in history and by producing / giving his quality label to many successful works of the time) with author’s “art” films, which have earned him prestige.

Nominated for an absurd 17 Oscars and winner of 3 (two as director and one as producer), in addition to an honorary Oscar, it is clear that we could not fail to honor the one of the most important figures of cinema as we have today. . For that, we decided to list his 10 best films as a director – in a vote between the critics and the general public. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment.

10 | Minority report – The new law (2002)

We started the list with the first collaboration between Spielberg and the biggest movie star, Tom Cruise. When you’re at the top, you’re looking to work with professionals of equal magnitude. The greatest director therefore needed to collaborate with the greatest Hollywood star. And the project for it was this root sci-fi based on a short story by expert author of the genre, Philip K. Dick. In the futuristic plot, more current than ever, crimes have been eradicated through new technology adapted by the police and implemented by the government, where the offender is arrested before he commits the offense. The procedure is starting to be studied by the internal affairs department in order to remove any doubt about possible failures in your system. After all, the crime has to actually happen before there is a punishment.

09 | Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

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Steven Spielberg is said to be known, among other things, for his fantastic films – and in this aspect science fiction is included. And if we have in the director’s filmography a work like Minority Report, we can only congratulate ourselves on this first work by the filmmaker in the genre. The second major film of his career explores one of the artist’s favorite themes, especially in his early days: intelligent life beyond Earth. Space and the unknown have always captivated Spielberg’s imagination, and here the filmmaker has put into practice everything he knows on the subject. In the plot, strange events begin to unfold in an American city, as its inhabitants are terrorized by supernatural forces. The government knows everything but hides the information. The secret is revealed as the interplanetary visitors. But Close Encounters goes further and shines a light on the specific drama of a family and its patriarch’s obsession – the role of Richard Dreyfuss. The feature film was nominated for 8 Oscars, including Spielberg’s first directorial nomination.

08 | Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Maybe not everyone knows it, but the hero Indiana Jones was born out of Spielberg’s desire to make an 007 franchise film in theaters. His colleague George Lucas convinces him to give up the idea, claiming to have something better in store for his friend. It was then that he proposed the creation of an adventurer / archeology professor – whose journey would take place in the 1930s, and the villains would be Nazis. This helps further understand the inner game of placing Sean Connery as the protagonist’s father in this third adventure – as the late veteran would be forever immortalized as the Agent’s first (and for the most part best) performer. James Bond. At the movie theater.

07 | Jurassic Park – The Dinosaur Park (1993)

As this list shows us, Steven Spielberg is a tube maker. And the director who had reigned in the 1980s continued to show great form for the next decade. One of the highlights was this adaptation of novelist Michael Crichton’s book – which revolutionized film history with its computer-generated special effects, never presented in this way. Only those who were children at the time and who were able to see the film on the big screen know the generational impact of the work. It exists before Jurassic Park and after. In terms of what we have today compared to blockbusters, this film was one of the most responsible and the first to use CGI in favor of the story. Unlike what we have today with a lot of great productions without content, Jurassic Park told a great story and used unforgettable characters. Dinosaurs were all the rage again and the world was in awe.

06 | ET – The Alien (1982)

Recently, in an article on Oscar nominated films in the main category that many ignore, I included this big hit from the seventh art. This ET is an absolute audience phenomenon and one of the most beloved children’s films in history that everyone knows. But that the film has also been acclaimed with awards and even won Oscars, not everyone can keep in mind. ET has been nominated for no less than 9 Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director for Spielberg (his third directorial nomination). The filmmaker used his own childhood broken home experience for this story of a family suffering from their parents’ divorce, where the wife had to take the lead and lead, at a time when it was not very common. Once again, it is through a visit from space that the lives of everyone around you will be forever transformed.

05 | Catch Me If You Can (2002)

In recent years, no other has marked Steven Spielberg’s career as much as in 2002. The director still delivers successes today, and his last two films The Post and Player # 1 demonstrate that the director still manages to captivate an audience like few others. However, when we talk about his most beloved films, 2002 was the most recent year to bring in productions that fans have truly fallen in love with. After Minority Report, the filmmaker delivered the same year a new partnership with an extremely hot star. We’re talking about golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio, the perfect fit to play the young crook Frank Abagnale Jr. who, in one too fantastic if not real story, claimed to be a doctor, lawyer, and airplane pilot in the 1960s, Tom Hanks steps in as as an FBI agent looking for the young offender. The last wish is a new collaboration between Spielberg and DiCaprio.

04 | Shark (1975)

Arriving on the podium we were faced with what is one of the most popular productions of Steven Spielberg’s career. And no wonder, because the film has the greatest honor of being the first blockbuster in history, the first film to surpass the $ 200 million box office mark in the United States. The feature film was so successful that it became a phenomenon. The audience left the show and returned to the line to review, that line encircling the block – hence the term “blockbusters.” Other than that, Tubarão had such an impact that people were really afraid to go to the beach. Better for the movie, as they were rushing to theaters during summer vacation. However, it is also known that the production of the film was quite problematic, resulting in a real nightmare for Spielberg, then 25 years old. The plot, of course, concerns the attacks of a great white shark on the beaches of a small town on an island. The film was also nominated for an Oscar in the main category.

03 | Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

At that time, Steven Spielberg was the best of both worlds. The director was an absolute financial success, breaking box office records one after another. And it was the second blockbuster of his career, in no time. Apart from that, it was the third prestige film in 6 years to reach the Oscar. The filmmaker was on top of the world and wanted more. Here, as said, a new movie hero was created, from the mind of producer George Lucas and Spielberg’s desire to direct 007. Harrison Ford was also a part of that success, when he was cast to play the main role. the smiling character of canastrão, jack of all trades, who has lived adventures so grandiose that they owe nothing to any current superhero. And to think that Tom Selleck, the original chosen for the role, missed a lot because of the commitments to the Magnun series (1980-1988). Oh yes, Raiders of the Lost Ark was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.

02 | Saving Private Ryan (1998)

There is a joke, perhaps a little too sour, that “even William Shakespeare would know Private Ryan is a better movie than Shakespeare in Love” – but he was the second to become the real winner in the category. main event of the Oscars 1999. Anyway, here the filmmaker received his second Oscar as a director, and collaborated for the first time with another big name in Hollywood cinema, the merry star Tom Hanks – curious c was the duo’s first union to appear in a genre film. , say, so intense, unusual for both of them. It was the filmmaker’s first foray into a literal war film, in which we are immersed in the heart of a conflict in a way so real and unique that only the director can show it. Of course, Spielberg had touched on the subject twice before, in the 1941 comedy – A Savage War (1979) and Empire of the Sun (1987) – much more centered on a Japanese concentration camp and seen through the eyes of the others. ‘a child. Saving Private Ryan is Spielberg’s second favorite film by critics and audiences alike, and it won our Silver Medal.

01 | Schindler’s List (1993)

It couldn’t be another. While Saving Private Ryan turned out to be one of the best war films in cinematic history, it needs a lot of thanks for this earlier work by the filmmaker. Even when he delivered his first “more serious” films, that is to say with themes not recommended for all types of audiences, especially the youngest, Spielberg failed to please some critics or fans. A Cor Purpura (1985) and Império do Sol (1987) are very good films that have marked a whole generation. However, no other director’s drama would generate a thrill of unanimous appreciation as strong and overwhelming as Schindler’s List. It’s one of those perfect movies that doesn’t have any detractors. Even those who don’t like it for personal reasons recognize its many qualities and its cinematic significance for the seventh art. Of extreme personal importance to the director, who comes from a Jewish family, the work is a terrifying portrayal of what Nazi concentration camps were like during World War II, while being an uplifting story. and handsome about a hero, a man who single-handedly saved countless Jews from extermination. Essential.

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