Streaming movies for snow lovers. But beware …


Winter is upon us! We offer five streaming titles that have snowy landscapes as their main backdrop. But it is not all white what it seems …

We could have called this in-depth study “Blood Red Snow”. We have indeed chosen five streaming movies where the wintry backdrop, endless white expanses and sense of seclusion are the perfect setting for high impact, if not extreme, stories. The contrast between the visual stylization that snow can offer and the dramatic force of the events told has enabled these filmmakers to create films of depth, in many cases enormous. Without a doubt we will therefore leave you to what we believe to be the best feature films whose main and metaphorical setting is the calm (only on the surface…) white of a snow-covered expanse. Good reading.

Five streaming films that (also) have snow as a protagonist

  • Shiny
  • The thing
  • Fargo
  • The great white
  • The secrets of the river of the wind

The Brilliant (1980)

We could only start with the masterpiece made by Stanley kubrick, an extreme study of the human mind subjected to a condition of isolation. The Overlook Hotel surrounded by white and infinite nothingness becomes the bloody theater of the facts of a Jack nicholson to the best of his incredible histrionic skills. He is the demon made man of Shiny, a film whose staging rewrites the coordinates of the genre and cinema in general. Impossible to reach the heights reached by this horror inspired by the novel of Stephen king. There will be no other Shining. Available on Rakuten TV, KILOS, google play, Infinite +, Apple iTunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

The Thing (1982)

Another essential title, the masterpiece produced by Jean Charpentier in many points of view it becomes even more radical than that of Kubrick: in this case, indeed, Evil manifests itself as the double of the human being himself, taking form and appearance to decompose them scene after scene in an aesthetic horror never seen before. The thing it turns out to be a film too ahead of its time, desperate in its message and macabre in its direction. Kurt russel leads a cast of perfect actors for a work still difficult to see today, too suffocating and uncompromising to be fully acquired by the mind of the spectator. A feature film yet essential. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Apple Itunes, Amazon Prime Video.

Fargo (1996)

Snowy landscapes become gods in the film coen brothers the perfect setting for a frozen and surreal thriller, where the “bad guys” believe madly in the logic of criminal actions while the protagonist policeman – an unprecedented character Francoise McDormand – is based on common sense. Fargo even today he confuses, entertains, freezes with beautiful and disturbing scenes from the cinema. Oscar for lead actress and original screenplay. One of the many geometric and “open” theorems created by Joel and Ethan, a unique couple in the history of American cinema. Available on Rakuten TV, Apple iTunes, NOW.

The Great White (2005)

A film that owes a lot to Fargo, who accentuates its paroxysmal dimension in an intelligent and precise way. Robin williams is the sparkling protagonist of a hugely underrated dark comedy, which he also sees in his cast Holly hunter And Woody harrelson. The great white sprinkle with tomato sauce and color the pure white allowing the viewer to laugh as liberating as macabre. Moments of excellent genre cinema for a title to be rediscovered absolutely. Available on Infinity +, Amazon Prime Video.

Secrets of the River of the Wind (2017)

We end with the magnificent debut film of Taylor sheridan, a fiery and rarefied thriller that sees Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth olsen on the trail of the murderers of a young woman belonging to a Native American tribe. The secrets of the river of the wind it is built on painful characters, whose dramatic weight is the best that American cinema has produced in recent years. Scenes of natural beauty with expressive power for a sometimes poignant film. The genre raised to the maximum of its artistic form. Available on Rakuten TV, CHILI, Google Play, Apple Itunes, TIMVision, Amazon Prime Video.

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