Launches Multilingual Medicine Websites for India


dr. Manish co-founder says, “We are addressing an important patient need in the Indian healthcare system by making it easier to access drug information. Now, with the launch of our multilingual Hindi, Tamil and Telugu sites, consumers can learn about drug uses and side effects anywhere, anytime, in a language they easily understand.”

“During the COVID pandemic, there has been a huge increase in consumers’ need to find drug information. This inspired us to create a set of multilingual websites powered by AI-powered language translation technologies /ML”, said Aditya Puriproject manager at

Aditya Puri, further explains, “Medical information is very difficult to access for the general public in India lack of multilingual resources. TabletWise has collected important drug information and developed technology to translate it using AI and ML into the most popular languages ​​spoken in India. This helps patients easily understand and use this essential information in a simple format. Ultimately, our goal is to provide medical and health information in all major languages ​​of India and the world.”

The multilingual websites include information pages for over 4,000 drugs (including common drugs such as Combiflam, Unienzyme and Meftal Spas) and 5,000 diseases. दवा.net also provides over 50,000 words of translated information on pregnancy in hindi from the National Institute of Health (NIH), United States.

About was founded in 2016 with a mission to help patients make the best possible decisions about medications. TabletWise provides reliable information on the uses, composition, and side effects of over 4,000,000 commonly used medications. He also developed india first website to collect user data on consumer drugs and provide “in-depth” behavioral analytics. In a short time, has become one of the best health sites in India. has offices in Bengaluru, Indiaand Pleasanton, California, UNITED STATES. was founded by alumni of Rutgers University and IIT Kharagpur.

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