The 12 darkest Christmas movies ever made


When you think of a Christmas movie, what do you think of first? Is it the festive and snowy decorations or the warm and sparkling endings? Holiday movies are filled to the brim with merriment and good humor… at least most of them are. But there is actually a select group of Christmas movies that are actually pretty dark. Plot ? Read on.

If you’ve had enough of the sweet storylines and predictable clichés of mainstream Christmas movies, don’t worry, you aren’t becoming the Grinch. Instead, you should check out some of those sharper picks that are still seasonally appropriate. Some of them are actually quite popular – you just never realized how dark they were before. After years and years of vacation viewing, one day you wake up and realize how scary these movies were when you were a kid. To take a closer look, Frosty the snowman is actually terrifying. You realize that the snowman dies in this movie, right?

Some of the titles below, such as Krampus and Die hard – might not be considered “user friendly”, so you should save them for after the children have fallen asleep. But others are actually aimed at children, which makes their goosebumps all the more shocking. Either way, you can have a great time this holiday season traumatizing the young people in your family with the disturbing animation of The Polar Express.

From horror movies (yes, holiday horror movies do exist) to beloved animated classics, these are the darkest Christmas movies of all time.

The 12 darkest Christmas movies of all time

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