The 13 most common design mistakes and how to fix them

John bessler

Mistake # 10. Let someone else define your house

Also from Craig: Don’t let your girlfriend, wife, partner, decorator, or architect completely define your home. “Very often men claim to be intimidated by design when in fact they have a strong sense of style.” You have an instinct for what you like and what you don’t like. Speak. You have to live there.

Error # 11. Not to study

Here’s how you avoid letting someone else pick your “Do a little research and know what you want,” says Kate Singer, who decorated the Kips Bay Garden Family Room. Check out sites like Herman Miller, Room & Board, and Design within Reach. Go crazy digging on Pinterest. Take photos of parts you love, wherever you see them. Find references you like and don’t like, and share them with those who help you create space.

Error # 12. Do not buy anything

“There is nothing more unflattering than a failed attempt at decorating,” says Billy Cotton, who designed the superior chamber he designed for Kips Bay (below). “Don’t focus on the general level or all of that. If you need a rug, buy a rug. If you need a sofa, buy a sofa, but make sure it’s the best. of these elements: a large sofa, perfect single bed, really expensive linens.

Error # 13. Worse, buy something you don’t like

“I’ve always regretted buying something that was just good enough, and not the part or item I got. really wanted, ”says Nick Olsen, who created an upstairs office inspired by the French Modernist salons of the 1930s and 1940s.“ Sometimes it’s a budget issue and other times I’m anxious to fill a spot. , but I’m always happier when I wait and find what I really like. ” Haven’t found your chair / sofa / chandelier / bookcase-that-slides-open-to-reveal-a-hidden-room? Be patient. And maybe buy an Ikea while waiting to hold back while you continue to hunt.

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