The 7 Best and 7 Worst Rachel McAdams Movies, Ranked


“Midnight in Paris” is a fantastic, pleasant and understated journey through time with a touch of bittersweet romance. Melancholy Gil Pender (Owen Wilson) is trapped on a joyless Paris vacation with his fiancée, Inez (Rachel McAdams). Gil loves Paris, but you could say he’d rather see it with anyone else. He and Inez, passionate about success, have nothing in common, and she can only roll her eyes at his passion for the thriving literary and artistic scene of 1920s Paris: why cling to a world that has disappeared there? nearly 100 years ago?

A surprise midnight miracle, however, offers Gil a doorway to the 1920s and introduces him to all his idols: Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Cole Porter, Josephine Baker and Picasso. By day, Gil stays in the present with Inez, where their relationship continues to deteriorate, but by night he lives his dream and romances costume designer Adriana (Marion Cotillard). Sooner or later, he will have to choose which era he really wants to belong to.

“Midnight in Paris” is full of scene-stealing actors — Tom Hiddleston, Adrien Brody, Kathy Bates, Allison Pill, Marion Cotillard and Corey Stoll, to name a few — whose larger-than-life roles have wowed The critics. Against this backdrop, and with Owen Wilson firmly in the lead role, it’s hard for Rachel McAdams to have much time to shine. It doesn’t help that Inez is a flat, hard-to-love character. Nonetheless, her work here did not go unnoticed and she earned a Satellite Award nomination for the film.


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