The best gaming movies ever made



Gambling is an incredibly popular pastime. Current research suggests that about two-thirds of Americans have played it, with similar numbers seen in other developed countries. For this reason, the game has become a popular subject for filmmakers.

Some gaming movies are based on particular titles, while others are based on the act of playing itself. There are hundreds of these movies out there, but here are some of the best.

Tomb Raider (2018)

Tomb Raider is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. While being fun, he was also pioneering with his use of a female protagonist in an adventure game. The first game released for PlayStation, PC, and Sega Saturn in 1996, requiring players to navigate Lara Croft, an archaeologist / adventurer through ruins and tombs in search of ancient artifacts.

Following its success, a movie based on the game was released in 2001. Despite playing Angelina Jolie, it received bad reviews due to a bad plot. 17 years later, Tomb Raider (2018) compensated for this misstep.

With Alicia Vikander playing Lara Croft and a much better script, Grave robber became the movie everyone wanted the first time around. A sequel was also ordered, although its release has been delayed indefinitely.

21 (2008)

Casinos have also been a popular setting for movies, providing a balance between a place where people are familiar while creating a feeling of opulence and exclusivity. Even the games themselves, which a large chunk of viewers will have played, provide a mechanism for creating excitement and tension, especially if it’s between the film’s protagonist and his nemesis.

In the 20th century, casinos were only easily accessible to a small proportion of the world’s population. If you didn’t live near one of them then you would have to travel (often long distances) to enjoy a game of blackjack or to spin the reels of a slot machine.

Today however, online casinos have made this experience much more accessible to a much larger proportion of the world. Many of these casinos also have promotions and offer bonuses like the ones that award free spins. to new customers and in other situations. Although casino games are enjoyed by many more people, they are still a common feature in movies.

One of the most popular casino movies of this century is 21 (2008). It’s a dramatization of the true story of the MIT Blackjack Team, a group of academics who have used advanced card counting techniques to win large sums of money in casinos for several decades.

The technique is incredibly difficult to achieve successfully, although for quick storytelling it is designed to look straightforward in the movie. Although some have criticized 21, it’s a gripping story from start to finish, albeit a bit of a deviation from the true story, and it’s a story any card player will love.

War Games (1983)

Released in 1983, War games is a film which attempted to show the dangers of misuse of computer systems. By the time it hit movie screens, computers were just becoming mainstream, so audiences were somewhat familiar but still skeptical of the technology.

War games follows the story of David Lightman, a college student who spends his spare time hacking computers. Rather than studying, he uses his computer skills to change his grades. Then one day, he decides to hack the server of a game company to gain earlier access to their next versions.

He accidentally connects to a US government defense network and activates the country’s missile system, falsely believing it to be a new video game.

Of course, nothing like this could ever happen because systems like this cannot just be hooked up at random. However, at the time of its release, War games felt real to many in the audience and caused a lot of panic. Computer Gaming World magazine described the film as “plausible enough to intrigue and terrifying enough to excite”, in fact, many people attribute War games to one of the drivers of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1984 in the United States.

Today, the technology in the movie looks dated and the plot looks somewhat silly, but it’s still a fun watch, especially for anyone who enjoys retro games.



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