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Animals large and small enter screens, rarely taking a week of cinema in the form of a zoo. From the dairy cow The first cow, He lands in a raft off the Oregon coast, peeking into the side of the box as he enters Arachnid. Girl and spider. Go through more rhetorical patterns like violent stallions Joy, Hollywood pornography niggas, or recovery models, we see Lost myths, Settle their accounts through “ducks”.

The “first cow”: the promise of a world in which to live

Kelly Richard might not have her name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame tomorrow., This Los Angeles skywalk is surrounded by stars bearing the names of the stars. Yet she is one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of American cinema. Supporting evidence: Release of his new film, The first cow, In Oregon, the director’s residence, the time difference between the pioneers and the cinema of the western border of the United States.

The story of the 1820 film is limited to a donut recipe. Two immigrants, Otis Figovitz, also known as “Cookie”, a traveling cook and orphan who is said to have come from Eastern Europe, set out to make donuts from King-Lu, a fugitive from China. In the world of brutal power, those few grams of subtlety are the great success of the product. Explain the reason for a trade secret: Two aspiring businessmen put cow’s milk in it. Instead, the August representative of an English company brought milk from Oregon’s only cow at great expense for his personal use.

In this context of biblical simplicity, the filmmaker understands what we can call total environmental cinema. Everything – the nature of the emotions, the quality of the main characters, the spirit of the plot, and even his own creation – is a work that is thought out in terms of the relationship between man and his environment and the right dose. Jack mandalbom

American film by Kelly Richard. With John Magaro, Orion Lee, Toby Jones, Evan Bremner and Jared Kasovsky (2:02).

“The girl and the spider”: the waltz of movement

Few are those who today dare to rely on the pure language of staging. Born in German-speaking Switzerland in 1982, Ramon and Sylvan Zorcher are not only brothers, but also filmmakers, screenwriters, producers and editors who have proven their worth in the field with an exceptional graduation film. Strange little cat (2013), describes a family breakdown using remarkably precise measures. Girl and spider This complex writing develops the most common situation in which we want to hide the treasures of interconnected influences and emotions.

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