TKMS to build common design 212CD submarines for Germany and Norway



According to information released on July 7, 2021, the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) has been officially commissioned to build six identical 212CD (Common Design) submarines. The procurement organizations from Norway and Germany signed the corresponding contracts on July 7, 2021. Valued at approx. 5.5 billion euros, the order includes the delivery of two submarines to the German Navy and four to the Norwegian Navy.
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Official signing ceremony for the construction of six 212CD type submarines for the German and Norwegian navies. (Image source TKMS)

On July 6, 2021, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems and its Norwegian industrial partner Kongsberg signed a cooperation agreement. Industrial cooperation between Germany and Norway is the cornerstone of the 212CD (Common Design) project – ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems relies on the Norwegian company Kongsberg for this and other projects in the global market. After signing the contract with Kongsberg on July 7, 2021, CFO Paul Glaser said: “With Kongsberg we have a strong partner with whom we will continue to carry out many projects together in the future. The contract with Kongsberg is by far the biggest part of the 212CD project – a sign of the close connection between Norway and Germany. “

Norway and Germany had already concluded a cooperation in 2017 that goes beyond the construction of six new HDW Type 212CD submarines, as the next generation of the Type 212A. The design of the Type 212A submarine, which has proven itself in service in the German and Italian navies, will be further developed with the integration of advanced technologies to expand the U212 family in Europe. This project is another important step towards the deepening and widening of European cooperation in the field of defense.

Construction of the first ship will begin in 2023. Delivery of the first submarine for the Norwegian Navy is scheduled for 2029, while delivery of the two ships for the German Navy is scheduled for 2032 and 2034. In preparation for the order, ThyssenKrupp has already initiated investments of around 250 million euros in 2019. The objective is to continue the development of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems at the Kiel site into an international competence center for the construction of conventional submarines. The construction of a new shipbuilding hall has already started and the progress is clearly visible at the shipyard. With the order now placed in the German-Norwegian strategic cooperation project U212CD, ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems will consolidate its partnership with Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA), which has already existed since 2017, and expand its value-added industrial partnerships in Norway and Germany.

The 212CD submarine is an improved version of the Type 212A which will incorporate new advanced technologies. The submarine will be equipped with a new naval missile developed in Norway but also in service in the United States which will provide new anti-ship capabilities. The 212CD will use stealth technologies like the Type 2121A with extended range, speed and endurance.



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