Today’s big propaganda tricks: Changing information on NHS websites to make it scarier


The following featured article from the always excellent Off Guardian speaks for itself and really needs only a little introduction from me, except to mention that the symptoms of monkeypox are pretty much the same as the shingles symptoms and shingles is one of the common adverse reactions to covid experimental pseudovaxes.

The aforementioned pseudo-vaccines were imposed on the population by our reckless and irresponsible government under the orders of the pharmaceutical-industrial complex under the pretext of protecting us from a pandemic which was not really a pandemic of an insect with a low rate of mortality. The vaxes we now know are neither safe nor effective as we have been dishonestly told and have, to an as yet unknown extent, burdened many people with long term health problems or premature death.

These are of course serious crimes, the scale of which is likely to metaphorically hang those responsible when their scale becomes so obvious that even the most timid citizen will not be able to avoid seeing them.

It is therefore understandable that the government and its handlers will, as expected, pull every trick out of the book and leave no lies unexplored to hide what they have done.

One of these tricks consists in inventing new “epidemics” with the same symptoms as the adverse effects caused by vaxes. Expect many more such tricks and deceptions.

Either way, the Off-Guardian’s vigilance is much appreciated in bringing us information that might otherwise have passed under the selective radar.

The covert ‘editing’ of NHS data is a typical sneaky move of the backstabbing degenerates currently running the country.

We don’t need a revolution or a “new system”.

We need to force the government to tell the plain truth.

Although, come to think of it, a truthful government would roughly amount to a new system.

Off Guardian May 24, 2022

A few days ago, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) edited its Monkeypox page to change the narrative in a few key ways.

First of all, they deleted a paragraph from the “How do you get monkeypox? » section.

Until a few days ago, according to archived links, the Monkeypox page said this, regarding person-to-person transmission [emphasis added]:

It is very rare to get monkeypox from an infected person because it does not spread easily between people.

…this has now been totally removed.

Second, they removed this paragraph, which was present until at least November 2021 (and possibly much more recently, there are no archives between November and May) [emphasis added]:

[Monkeypox] is usually a mild illness that will get better on their own without treatment. Some people may develop more severe symptoms, so monkeypox patients in the UK are cared for in specialist hospitals.

The new “processing” paragraph reads [again, emphasis added]…

Treatment for monkeypox aims to relieve symptoms. The illness is usually mild and most people recover in 2-4 weeks […] You may need to stay in a specialist hospital, so that your symptoms can be treated and to prevent the infection from spreading to other people.

So they remove the fact that it will ‘get better on its own’ and again reinforce the idea of ​​spreading the disease despite it being described as ‘very rare’ as recently as last week.

They even add a line about self-isolation, which has never been mentioned before:

as monkeypox can be spread through close contact, you will need to self-isolate if you are diagnosed with it.

Finally, they now include a warning that you can catch Monkeypox by eating undercooked meat, which will no doubt fuel the anti-meat narrative as well (oh wait, it already does).

To sum up, history is being rewritten a bit here.

Before monkeypox “did not spread easily between people”. Now it is.

Before, monkeypox “Is better on my own without treatment”. Now that will no longer be the case.

It’s still early to say that Monkeypox is going to be the “new Covid”, and maybe that rollout will stall and be forgotten in a few weeks, but there’s no doubt they’re taking some advice from the book so far. game covid.

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