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About the 10 best animated movies on Disney+ in 2022

Animated films were once a childhood memory and nostalgia. From unique and iconic fairy tales to tales of wildlife, he brought the wonders of the imagination to life. Years later, it remains an ever-evolving genre known for connecting with viewers not only through its ability to entertain and evoke nostalgia, but also for showcasing a wide variety of human and human emotions through its depictions. While it’s true that the library of movies available on Disney+ is smaller than other streaming services, there’s still a huge selection of movies and TV shows to choose from.

However, to help you discover the best of the best, we’ve gone through and curated a list of the best animated movies to watch on Disney Plus right now. This includes not only classics from Walt Disney Animation Studios history, but also current hits from the WDAS revival, as well as Pixar movies since Disney bought Pixar in the 2000s, so technically Pixar movies as well. These are Disney movies. There is no shortage of cult films here. What they all have in common is a strong sense of humanity, even in talking animal stories. In fact, the Disney library is filled with deeply moving stories that speak specifically to the human experience. Stories of love, loss, growth and of course family.

Here is the list of the best animated films on Disney+


Disney continued its trend of spotlighting underserved communities and lesser-known cultures with Coco, a Pixar project that follows a young boy as he learns the importance of family during a traditional Mexican celebration, “Día de los Muertos”. . Day of the Dead is probably a holiday you’ve heard of before, but the film adds rich history and vibrancy to a time considered sacred by many. Coco dreams of becoming a singer, but when he finds himself among the dead, he must rely on his courage and his ancestors to help bring him back to life. He will bring his handkerchiefs with you.

lilo and stitch

Most Disney movies revolve around romance, and even movies that don’t focus on relationships find a way to infuse their characters with romantic interest. Not Lilo & Stitch. In the midst of a story about an alien created to conquer planets, Lilo and Stitch find time to explore the love between family members, bonded by blood or fate. Lilo & Stitch has its fair share of tragedy, but focuses on the joy of sharing life with those we will never leave or forget. That’s what makes Lilo & Stitch so universal: it’s a beautiful message about how we should stick together and protect those we love, no matter what life throws at us.


The surprise debut of Pixar’s less conventional trilogy, The Original Cars, doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. It’s one of Pixar’s less flashy films, and the slower pace doesn’t outweigh its welcome. Although most of the story focuses on Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) learning to enjoy a softer side of life, the racing sequences are still electrifying. It is also one of the last performances of the best Paul Newman, deceased. Although it inspired the disappointing Cars 2 and Planes franchises, Cars can at least be commended for bringing us “Carsland” from Disney World.

the jungle Book

Some people grew up reading The Jungle Book. Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo – they need no introduction. These are family names. But for those in the know, the movie is about a boy, Mowgli, who is found in a basket in a jungle in India by Bagheera, a black panther. Bagheera rescues the boy and takes him to a mother wolf who raises him with her cubs. Mowgli grows up to be a happy boy who joins his jungle friends, who otherwise treat him as their own. However, not all animals are friendly, some also hunt it, which endangers the child’s life. And so, Bagheera and Baloo, the sloth bear in love, must convince him to return to a safe place, to the land of humans.

toy story

Another animated movie that revolutionized the genre when it hit theaters was this popular story about a group of anthropomorphic toys who come to life when their human, a boy named Andy, and his family aren’t around. The group is led by a cowboy named Woody (Tom Hanks), who gets jealous when Andy gets a new action figure for his birthday, a space ranger named Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), who thinks he’s a real ranger and not a toy. The two fight for Andy’s attention, which leads to mishaps that put them in all kinds of danger. It’s Pixar’s feature debut, first computer-animated film, and it’s written by Joss Whedon and Andrew Stanton.

Olivier and company

At times, Disney has shown moments of genuine ingenuity in its storytelling efforts, digging into the weirdest places for interesting angles, reimagining classics, and reimagining tired tropes. Oliver and Company is one of those moments. A canine version of Charles Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist, this movie follows an orphaned kitten named Oliver who joins stray dogs led by a mongrel named Dodger (Billy Joel in all his savvy) and begins taking jobs to help out. . pay off a debt to a malicious loan shark and his Dobermans. But when Oliver catches the eye of a rich girl who decides to adopt him, the crew must save them both from the opportunistic bully.


Cinderella wants to go to the ball, but her mean stepmother won’t let her. However, Cinderella’s fairy godmother comes to her aid and dresses her in a blue dress and glass slippers fit for a princess, but there is a problem. Cinderella only has until midnight before everything is back to normal, like her carriage, which is actually a pumpkin. Before the clock strikes, Cinderella flees the castle, leaving behind a slipper which the prince picks up and uses to search the kingdom for his future princess.


We’re going to shout it from the roof of the little house, performance matters! Encanto has been embraced by Latin American viewers, and that’s because the film showcases the vibrant, diverse, and eclectic landscape of Colombia and, by extension, many other Latin American countries. This beautifully rendered animated film tells the story of the multi-generational Madrigal family, all of whom were blessed with a magical gift at a young age, all but one. The movie undermines a lot of the formulaic tropes we’ve come to expect from a Disney movie, and it’s one of the many reasons Charming is such a refreshing addition to the studio’s slate.


This is another Disney treasure chest classic. A poor boy Aladdin is in love with Princess Jasmine, Princess of Agrabah. However, she is not allowed to marry him as she is not royalty. Captured by the kingdom’s guards and Jafar, the greedy royal vizier, he is ordered to bring a hidden lamp to the Cave of Wonders. He finds it, but soon steals it again, realizing the unfaithful man would leave it in the cave. Frightened, he rubs the lamp, which is actually magical, and a completely blue genie appears and grants him three life-changing wishes.


There was an action movie based on the original that came out in 2020. But sometimes the originals have to stay what they are: OGs. Mulan, first published in 1998, was the empowering story of a girl who joins the army as a man to protect her father, a former soldier too weak to join the army when the enemy shows up. , the Huns. invade his land. The film was a major departure from regular Disney stories, tackling themes of patriarchy and gender norms. It featured a leading man who fought hard, was extremely intelligent and independent, breaking through the rubble of an overly traditional society that excluded women from him.

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