UGA will accept joint candidacy after autumn 2021 | Campus news

The University of Georgia will accept the joint application for its applicants from fall 2021.

Common application requires high school students to complete only one application sent to multiple colleges when applying for university. Previously, applicants had to use the UGA’s specific application system.

David Graves, senior associate director of admissions at UGA, said the change will make the admissions process easier for future applicants. UGA has been studying the possibility of using the common application for several years. Since fall 2019, UGA has been actively working with the Common Application organization to take this step forward, Graves said in an email.

UGA has a recruiting and admissions system that integrates well with the common application, according to Graves.

“The decision to go ahead with the Common Application focused on how to help our future applicants and their school counselors and teachers,” Graves said.

According to Graves, a large number of public universities that use the common application overlap with the majority of the UGA’s application base. This means that students who apply to UGA also tend to apply to other colleges that are already using the common application.

Seventeen Georgian institutions already accept the Joint Application, according to the Joint Application website. Some of the UGA counterpart institutions that accept the application include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and the University of South Carolina.

In addition to accepting the Common App, UGA will also continue to accept the Coalition for College app and the UGA-based app, according to an article by Graves on the UGA admissions blog.

Daniel Pysczynski, a booming freshman destined for Evans’ entertainment and media studies, only applied to UGA, so he didn’t need to complete more than one application. . It would have been easier to use the common app to apply to UGA, as he could have applied to other schools by only making one application, Pysczynski said.

“It would have helped reduce the stress of applying to college if we could have used the common app [to apply to UGA]”said Pysczynski.

Keisha Moore, chair of the counseling department at Lambert High School in Suwanee, said moving from UGA to common app would give counselors two weeks less to complete report cards, a necessary component of students. applications, if UGA meets its deadline of October 15.

“The only problem I would have with that is that the current UGA portal gives us the ability to see all of the students who were accepted and refused on decision day,” Moore said. “Common App does not have this functionality.”

Graves said the admissions office expects the change to impact decisions and acceptance rates, but cannot yet say exactly how it will play out.

“We won’t really know how this decision affects both our candidates and our office until after a year or two of the process,” Graves said. “I hope this change will be mutually beneficial for everyone involved in the admissions process.”

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