What is the common application? How many countries accept the common application



Education has always been seen as an essential required for a person’s growth in life. For a good education, going to a good college with smart teammates, effective teachers, a better curriculum and more is believed to help shape a student’s personality. But sometimes long online and offline procedures to apply to colleges results in lost chances of getting admitted to top colleges. This is why a site called Common App or Common Application helps students and parents to apply for colleges effectively. However, this is the reason why many people in the world who are not familiar with this app keep trying to find out what the common app is. If you are wondering the same, don’t worry, here’s all you need.

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What is the common application?

The app allows students from all over the world to apply for Common App Colleges and Schools present in different corners of the world. This means that a person only has to fill out a common application which is an online form and submit to universities that accept the common application. However, make sure you know that you are not applying to the Common Application, but applying to Universities through the Common Application.

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But getting a great university is not so easy and yet so simple. All a common app user needs to do is create an account and explore the website. Next, you need to understand that the information you submit, especially the common app essay, needs to be creative and unique to present you as a strong candidate. So make sure you have a solid common application essay and only then will the colleges be interested in getting you.

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The best thing about the common application is that only one application is submitted to each university. This not only saves time, but also avoids wasted time and energy. Students only need to fill out the details required by most schools once, including name, address, parent’s employment, education, and extracurricular activities. The convenience of the Common Application is that once you have completed the main form and written the main essay, you can submit it to several common application schools and colleges.

How many countries accept the common application?

More than 900 schools around the world accept the Common app. Common application colleges and schools are listed in many countries such as United States, Canada, China, Japan, and many European countries.

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