You must beware! You may find yourself on the web of fake clothing websites


With the trend of online shopping rapidly accelerating, the chances of people falling prey to online fraud have increased rapidly. Not only buyers, duped during online payments, but also casual Internet users clicking on suspicious links or those led to make false offers on behalf of different shopping platforms can pay the price for their indiscretion.

Beware of these fake online clothing websites lying in wait to target unassuming and gullible people. These websites trick shoppers into enticing them with deeper discounts on expensive brands.

A senior Delhi police official said such illegal acts were common among fraudsters. People get scammed with their hard earned money on these fake websites. However, the police are taking appropriate action on the complaints and have arrested some of the defendants involved in such activities.

“Police teams monitor these fake websites. At the same time, the police are even carrying out awareness campaigns against such abusive practices online. said the official.

Online fraud has become a bigger challenge to deal with in everyday life. Those involved in such activities continue to improve their modus operandi to scam ordinary people and the latest came in the form of “fake clothing websites”.

These websites trick shoppers into bigger discounts on expensive brands. Notably, last year, the Mumbai Police had informed people about these websites and even named a few of them. But the cheaters act smart and change the old domain of their website with a new one.

The websites in question appear on social networks, which entice people by offering big discounts on designer clothes. People are tempted by the possibility of buying designer clothes at lower prices. They shop on this website and make payment online to avail the offer as soon as possible. They even get the message on their phone while shopping on the website. However, the delivery of the product never comes.

Later, when people try to return to the website to check the delivery status, the website does not open, which makes them realize that they have been tricked. According to police sources, it is practically impossible to recover the defrauded amount. This is why citizens are asked to be careful when shopping online.

People are also repeatedly advised to choose a reputable and genuine website for shopping. Also, it is advisable to avoid shopping on the website, which does not have a cash on delivery option.

According to law enforcement sources, people sometimes avoid filing reports (FIR) and choose to ignore, if they are deceived for a small amount.

He is informed that the police had earlier arrested an IT expert in this regard, who was selling household items using fake websites and tricked more than 22,000 people for more than Rs. 70-80 lakhs.

The police have repeatedly carried out campaigns to make Internet users aware of fake shopping sites.

The list of some of the reported bogus websites are as follows:,,,,,,, , fabricwebs. com,,,,


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